Brasserie Le Pont - 25 Fitzwilliam Place

Something that is becoming a bit of a recurring theme lately for me is I am getting invited to work lunches and dinners, maybe its the time of the year, the season, whatever the hell it is I am not saying no to free food or an opportunity to get a review in. 6 weeks ago I got a chance to eat in Brasserie Le Pont on Fitzwilliam Place just off Leeson Street as one of our team was departing us. Every morning for what must be the best part of a year I have been staring at a huge advert at the back of Brasserie Le Pont plastered with a quote from Ross Golden Bannon exclaiming that "BLP's steaks is among the best he has ever had". To be honest I find that statement meaningless, steak is steak, anyone can cook steak, ANYONE, it’s got zero to do with the restaurant, it’s down to the breed, farmer, and how long the butchers hangs it for. Sorry but that advert pisses me off every single morning I pass it.

Back to the review itself, we arrive around 1pm on a Friday, the room is fairly busy, and the first thing I notice is I don’t care for the decor, I don’t know why, it just seems drab with boring brown colours. It’s very rare I could care a less about decor but this left me feeling very unstirred. We were seated to the rear of the restaurant and it seemed like an age before we had our orders taken. I ordered a Hen's Egg with Black Pudding to start and if I remember correctly Poussin Au Vin (Coq Au Vin with poussin). Incidentally we weren’t told about the specials, and I only figured out this was on the menu from the smell wafting off another diners plate, as the smell of Coq Au Vin grips me each time and I want it, I enquired what the gentleman across from us eating? "Oh that’s our special"...."And that is?"....."Oh sorry sorry Poussin au Vin".  Anyways the dishes swiftly arrived:

This is my crispy Hen's egg with black pudding with pearl barley and mustard dressing. For me this was tasty enough I loved the egg, was lovely and creamy. I felt the dish works quite well, the pearl barley for me is something different and would actually eat a bowl of that alone. I do however don’t get the point of the measly garnish or the onions for that matter of which there were two.

Not long after our starters our mains arrived, I will give BLP that they are fast with the service and overall the service is very good, apart from the specials blip when ordering, but that’s minor to be fair. The dish looked well, and the sauce was tasty but I don’t think Poussin Au Vin works for the simple fact there is not enough meat on the bird; it’s too small for a dish like this. I am all in favour for the nods chefs are making to Nouvelle cuisine, but this looks substantial but suffers from the fact there is not enough meat. Flavour and taste wise it was spot on and I couldn’t fault that. However this might be why its a special, a test if you will, I don’t think it would work for the normal menu.

I did enjoy the meal, despite my lack of fullness going back to the office. I am not sure I would return in the future, I just don’t like the decor as facetious as that sounds. Other than the decor though the food is of a good enough a standard. I also thought as we walked back to work "Feck it - I should have ordered the steak"!

Thanks for reading