Donard Creamy Leeks - Updated

This is going to be a rare occurrence but this dish was more of a test and is not a finished product despite how incredibly tasty the filling was. My mate Sarah has been telling me for ages how damn good her family recipe for creamy leeks with butter beans is especially at Christmas time as a side to go with dinner. I managed to get her to give up the recipe a few weeks back and promised to make it for Christmas but I decided to do a little test this evening to see how it would work out especially with me making it in 10 days for Christmas dinner. Now when Sarah makes it, its not in a pie, I put it in a pie specifically to make it in to a dinner tonight for myself, bro and dad. The reason why I say the recipe is incomplete is because of the pie, and to be honest I wouldn't put it in a pie again but would nearly even eat this on its own again with maybe some rice, and one thing is for sure this will go down a treat on Christmas day, its something different and tasty in comparison to the copious amount of boiled veg. So here is the recipe for creamy leeks Donard style with Sarah's permission:


2 Medium sized leeks 
150ml Single cream
2 Cloves of garlic crushed
200g of Grated Parmesan(also works really well with aged Gouda)
250g of Butter Beans - drained & washed
Generous knob of butter
Salt n Pepper


Pre-requisites: Heat the oven to 180c fan oven

1) Wash the leeks thoroughly, slice down the middle and slice length ways. 
2) Heat a pan adding the butter and 1 tbsp of oil to prevent the butter burning.
3) Add the leeks and crushed garlic, saute until the leeks have softened.
4) Add the cream and butter beans bringing to just before the boil.
5) Bring back to a simmer adding 150g of the Parmesan.
6) Once the Parmesan has thickened up, add to a shallow dish 8-10cm diameter and sprinkle remaining Parmesan on top.
7) Bake for 30 mins until browned on top.

"The baking adds a lovely extra flavor to it, and it goes lovely with chicken, turkey and salmon." - Sarah

We all loved it tonight its 100% on the menu in 10 days time. I will report back after Christmas as to how it turns out on the day, and thanks again to Sarah for allowing me post this family recipe.

Thanks for reading 


Here is a small update, we made the leeks on Christmas day and they turned out gorgeous!