Dutch Comfort Food - Chicken Saté with Chips

In the midst of the copious amounts of turkey and ham over the past few days, tonight's dinner was a welcome change. My dad's Christmas present from me consisted of a huge box of his favorite foods from his home the Netherlands, I used www.hollandathome.nl.

Needless to say he was delighted with his present as well as the bottle of Jenever sitting at the bottom of the box. We love Dutch foods in our house of course, having been brought up on it since my grandparents started sending us food parcels each year at Christmas. As part of the package I included a tub of this:

Yes its pre made but sometimes pre made is the best. This is saté or as the Dutch call it Pindasaus (peanut sauce). It has its origins from Indonesia (once colonized by the Dutch) however this is a lot more simpler than what you would get in an Indonesian restaurant, its a thick peanut butter sauce made up of spices, Ketjap Manis (sweet soy sauce) and Sambal Oelek (Indonesian chilli paste). The Dutch spread it over chips or chicken/pork, its a thick sweet n spicy sauce and its all kinds of yumminess :) the ultimate comfort food for a lover of Dutch food. Here is tonight's meal including some Atjar Tampoer (sweet & sour indonesian pickled cabbage.

Thanks for reading this very short and simple post.



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  2. great idea! TOO CUTE! Thanks for posting! Kathy Ramos


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