Marco Polo - Limerick

Yesterday evening I went for some dinner with my brother Steve and Sarah to celebrate Steve's birthday. After much deliberation we ended up at Marco Polo on O'Connell St. Limerick. Marco Polo is around a few months and replaced Luigi Malones. It is owned by the guys who run the Jasmine Palace, Wokking, Chocolat and Zwe-ton. The idea of the restaurant loosely follows the story of Marco Polo, an Italian merchant traveler who introduced the Europeans to Asia.The restaurant is a fusion mix between European food especially Italian food mixed with Asian influences. The previous sentence is always enough to turn me off going somewhere, fusion for me equals run for the hills but because we were there for Steve's birthday I complied. We arrived just after 8pm  the restaurant was busy enough for the Saturday before Christmas, the interior looks like something transported from Las Vegas mixed with a dream a coked up Tony Montana from Scarface would have. Its all very glitzy, with gold paint adorning the walls, all very shiny. We swiftly received our menus and I order the 30 euro set menu of caesar salad for starters, sirloin steak for mains and ice cream to finish with an Americano coffee.

Not long after ordering my starters arrived out. This was not a good start at all and I was worried about what was to follow. So here is my caesar salad:

Now looking at the above you can see the dressing on the side of which I asked for, but the rest was grim, it was essentially a plate of leaves with a sparse sprinkling of Parmesan and wait for it ... 4 croutons! This was bad, very bad. I finished it cause I was starving, I had been waiting all day long for this meal, eating this though I felt like a rabbit. Up next the mains, I thought please let this be good...

The steak was good! a lovely well cooked piece of meat, it saved the tragedy of the my starters. It is blooming hard to get a steak wrong in fairness. I still don't get the presence of the olive on the plate though. I don't have any pics of the ice cream or coffee but they were ok. Overall the meal was grand, it filled a hole as my grandfather would say, but for 30 euro I was pretty disappointed, such a poor standard of food. The meal was saved though by the staff, yet again the staff were so friendly, fast, helpful and genuinely customer driven. I cant say I could recommend this restaurant to anyone, as the price for what you get is dreadful, my suspicions of the restaurant being all frill and no knickers turned out to be 100% true.

Thanks for reading.