777, South George's St, Dublin 2

This weekend I was up in Dublin, so on Friday after work I wanted to start it with a little treat to myself. Its rare I get to go for dinner on my own so I decided upon something different and more over somewhere Joanne wouldn't really go for. As I wandered my way down through Grafton St., I found myself being drawn toward Georges Street. Stopping to have a look at the menu of San Lorenzo's who have been on my radar for quite some time, but out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone going into 777 just one door up the street. The look alone of 777 daunts me, barely any signage, frosted windows and black paint, it doesn't scream come inside ( yes yes I know its meant to be like that ), but with another sole about to make an entrance, I scurried on in behind them ( however a 6 ft 5 man doesn't really scurry, he lumbers ). 777 is a Mexican cuisine restaurant, and with me loving all things hot n spicy I knew I had made a good choice.

As you go through the entrance there is a thick black curtain keeping prying eyes out adding to the mystique. When you get inside you feel like you are in some sort of old style Mexican bodega, so well designed and decorated. At 6.30pm its already choc full of people, I am seated towards the back, the loner for the evening, not that eating alone bothers me, in fact it gives me an opportunity to really think about what I am eating and maybe assess it more scrupulously. I have to say off the bat, the staff are extremely nice, not in the super happy nice but really attentive making sure the whole time you are there you are happy. I scan my menu, I think balls I really wish I had planned this out and looked at the menu during my lunch break earlier in the day but it was  a spur of the moment type stuff after all. The waiter comes over, I do my usual and pick 2 random dishes under pressure, I decide upon venison tostadas, and rump steak with fried potatoes. Neither seem to appear on the menu online for some reason. Anyhow here are my pics, and apologies for the quality it is quite dark inside:

This is my starter of venison, it was tasty enough, certainly didn't blow me away by any stretch of the imagination but it was nice. I spiced it up a little with some extra hot sauce on the table as it seemed a little bland if I am being honest and I like things hot. There was also an undercurrent of flavor of possibly coriander but I couldn't pin point it which made me dislike the dish as a whole as I hate coriander but thats a personal choice, the venison was good which is the main thing.

My steak was gorgeous and beautifully cooked, working really well with my mysterious sauce, I really should have taken notes. It also came with spinach and a dark black sauce which didn't taste of anything ( not pictured ). Overall between both dishes the meal was good, but the kicker was the price, for a starter, mains and two cokes I paid €41 which left a bitter taste in my mouth. To sum up, 777 is incredibly cool, and you feel transported out of Dublin somehow. The food is well executed Mexican cuisine nothing like Acapulco or the burrito places around the city, just in case you are going in expecting that. I would go back again but the prices for me are just that bit too high for me to be returning in a hurry.

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