Arun Bakery @ Honest 2 Goodness Market

A few weeks before Christmas my mate Sarah was telling me all about the Arun Bakery up on the Honest 2 Goodness market in Glasnevin. The Bakery is run by Peter and Vlad out of a business space on North King Street Dublin 7. They specialise in all things sourdough making the most magificent bread I have seen and tasted in quite some time. Having followed the guys on twitter I vowed to get up to Glasnevin in the new year to check out the bread in person. Saturday morning I set out early for the market, I will include links and directions at the end of the post, but its situated just behind Woodies DIY in Glasnevin. I got there around 8.45am, I was a tad early as it opens at 9am, so I had the market to myself to wander around freely, its also indoor which makes it even better as you don't need to worry about the elements. 

I headed on in, briefly looking at some of the stalls but my main interest and why I was here was to meet the Arun guys. Peter was stilll setting up but it was great as I got to have a chat with him about the bakery and how it all came about. My god the bread looks amazing, the majority of bread is a sourdough based on a 4 year starter but they also sometimes use a 40 year old starter. The selection ranges from, walnut loaves, focaccia, scones, large loaves of sourdough, brioche and the most gorgeous cinnamon buns you will ever have. The bread was arriving by the boot load just as I arrived, of which there would be 4 or 5 trips of this each Saturday, with all the bread flying off the tables in a few hours.Oh  also before I forget Vlad the master baker makes the most gorgeous Blaas ( the soft white bread roll from Waterford ) only they call them Vlaas! they have a range of them, plain, red onion, jalapeno and few more. 

I absolute love their bread, I picked up a large walnut loaf, 4 cinnamon buns, 4 scones and loaf of the most yummiest rye bread. In fact they also have a good few speciality breads, gluten free and spelt. Needless to say I have since devoured all the bread, nearly inhaling the cinnamon buns. I will defo be back on a regular basis to get my fix, I am already going back this Saturday. 

Before I go I would like to mention the guys at the Whole Hogg on the market too, Peter directed me over to their stall, they have the most beautiful sausages. So I got a selection of sausages to take away with me which I have been eating all week.

Arun Bakery can be found here:

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The Honest 2 Goodness market can be found here:

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The guys at the Whole Hogg can be found here:

Thanks for reading and go to the Honest 2 Goodness market!