Castle Lodge Bed & Breakfast - Malahide

In November of last year with Joanne and her family shopping till they drop in New York city, I had my own little holiday trying to look after Joanne's sister's dog bailey out in Malahide. As I was all on my lonesome my mum decided to come up for some retail therapy in Dublin and Belfast, so I managed to find her this absolutely charming B&B near Malahide castle. Castle Lodge is run by Jerry and Eithne Raftery in this stunning property pictured above. Myself and my mum arrived on a Friday evening just after 6.00pm to the warmest welcome I have ever experienced from a pair of B&B hosts and I have been to Lawcus house!

Jerry brought us in to the kitchen to meet Eithne, sat us both down, cracked open the biscuits and put on the kettle. It was like sitting down in a friends kitchen, so full of chat and welcoming. Their kitchen is magnificent and you can see so much hardwork has gone in to the house with everything having a story. I actually said to Jerry about where I was staying myself and he was able to give me all the history of the area which I would have never known before. Whilst my mum was chatting away to Eithne, I was whisked away for a tour of the house. First off Jerry showed me the back garden area complete with a bar! which is so well setup and designed. Then off to see the bedrooms, and for a B&B its 5 star hotel quality with massive bathrooms and strong showers in all rooms. The whole house is truly capitivating, and I would recommend them to everyone I know, its even good enough to take a detour here from the city and get the dart in to Dublin city itself. Both Eithne and Jerry are the perfect hosts and encapsulate everything that makes the B&B business my favourite way to travel these days. Even the following morning Jerry said to my mum would I like to come down for some brekkie, but she thought I wouldn't as we were in a rush for Belfast, she thought wrong! I would have easily given a full Irish a good home. Most importantly my mum had a great time there and excellent sleep.

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