Ciao Bella Roma - Parliament St. Dublin

This evening myself and Joanne paid a visit to one of our old favorites Ciao Bella Roma. Last night however I had decided we were going to go to the Hophouse ( Kimchi ) reviewed here in fact by Stitch & Bear, I love her review as she had me nearly sold on going there. Although when I woke up this morning, I had a pang for Italian food, so when I text Joanne she was delighted but not surprised  I say that because I am going to let you in on a personal secret and something Joanne has copped on to of late. You see I am a flip flopper and the most indecisive decision maker to walk the earth, because I make decisions to go places and do things followed by changing my mind at the last minute, I am constantly doing it. Me and Joanne are well matched though as she can't even make a decision. Anyhow back to Ciao Bella, at 11 o'clock this morning I was starting to have a hankering for their yummy pasta. Generally on Thursdays I have to work a little later but somehow I got out for 5.25pm which meant myself and Joanne were able to get over to CB for their early bird menu. CB's early bird by the way is epic running till 6pm, its €8.95 for a starter, mains and a glass of wine. We both decided to get the same going for bruschetta and rigatoni l'amatriciana. Also because I don't drink they offered the extra glass of wine to Joanne which was nice of them, although she ended up only having one or two sips from her own wine.


Rigatoni L'amatriciana

Dinner as ever was gorgeous and always consistent, I love their food at CB. CB always seems to be full and most notably full of Italian customers in the front part of the restaurant, if Italian people are eating here this is surely a good thing. One thing you should know, the staff can be brusque but thats just their nature, the food makes up for their brusqueness. I highly recommend Ciao Bella, it was given to me by a friend at work 2 years ago and I am still coming back, also they are so reasonable price wise, 8.95 in January thank you please!

Find them here although their site is bust at the moment:

And here 

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