Cooking the Perfect Roast Beef

The following method is pretty much fool proof when roasting a loin of beef. For all my 28 years on this planet we always have Sunday lunch without fail, its the longest standing tradition in my parents house. Sunday lunch would invariably be roast beef, roast chicken or stuffed steaks. I love this tradition my parents have passed on from their parents and I will continue this when I start my own family. I think Sunday lunch is when I first learned to cook, peeling veg, helping with desserts it was the beginning of my chance to play in the kitchen. For years my parents would buy a housekeepers cut of beef or a silver side in Dunnes, this would quite often be dry or tough until one year my grandfather Bill suggested my parents buy a cut called the "eye of the round". 

This is a tender cut of beef from the hind quarter of the cow, and is extremely lean. Nonetheless when my dad started cooking this for Sunday lunch it was a million times better than previous cuts. However because my mum hates rare meat, my dad would always have to cook the meat within an inch of its life which would result again in a dry well done piece of meat. In steps myself a few months ago to change things around for the first time to my dad's and Steve's joy. I agreed with that we would cut my mum off a piece as a steak before cooking, so she could have that well done and we could cook the roast beef as rare possible. Everyone was pleased with the plan, and ever since then we have the most incredible roast beef each time. You will need to specifically go to your butcher for this cut of meat as it will not work with any other cut with the exception maybe a fillet loin, the butcher always have it as very few people ask for this cut, oh  and you will need a really good serrated knife.


1 Eye of the Round Beef Loin - 4/5 pounds in weight at room temperature 
Knob of Butter
Sea Salt
Fresh ground black pepper.


1) Pre heat your oven to 210C/400F/Gas Mark 6.
2) Trim the sinew off the loin and any extra fat.
3) Roll the loin in salt and pepper so its evenly coated.
4) Heat a frying pan, adding your butter and glug of oil to prevent the butter burning.
5) Fry the loin on all sides in the pan to seal in the juices.
6) Once browned transfer to a roasting dish and roast for 35 mins.
7) Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 20 mins, this will allow the meat to relax and stop fibers contracting from the cooking process.
8) Cut in to thin slices and serve with the usual Sunday lunch fare.

Now I have kept the above as simple as possible as its for Sunday lunch, this recipe produces the finest cooked piece of meat you will ever serve up.

Here's what an "Eye of the round" looks like before cooking just so you know what it should look like when in the butchers.

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  1. That's Sundays dinner sorted in our gaff next week!! Bring in the Eye of the round, ummmm. Cheers Will. Regards,Darren

  2. Thank you as ever Darren! let me know how it goes, make sure its the eye of the round.


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