Hatch & Sons - Stephens Green Dublin

Before Christmas myself and Joanne walked past Hatch & Sons on Stephens Green in the basement off the Little Museum of Dublin just before they opened their doors to the public. Peering in from the street the look intrigued me, but I forgot about it until this week when someone posted a link on my Facebook page. On Saturday morning I made it my mission to visit Hatch & Sons and see whether or not all I read and pictures I perused lived up to what the place is. I headed in just after being at the Glasnevin market which I will be reviewing in the next few days, arriving just after 10.30am. 

When you arrive its like you have stepped in to an old country style kitchen, the place looks fantastic, I love the layout of the kitchen. There is tables in the front and some more in the rear so they have lots of space. I am seated and given my menu, I knew what I was having though as I heard about their special baked eggs online and I also ordered a coffee. The coffee arrived fairly fast, it wasn't bad for an Americano but I wasn't blown away, was maybe a little weak or something for my own personal taste. My eggs took a little longer than expected but when they arrived out they were as pretty as a picture, speaking of which:

First off , this is sad but I was so happy to see Yorkshire Relish on the table, I love good old YR ever since a kid, I like it better than HP as its what my mum used to eat back home. Anyways the brekkie looked yummy but I do have a couple of niggles. If I was to order the same again I would ask for a plate as you need to take the eggs out of the pan as the residual heat continues to cook them but in reality thats me being picky, the Kettyle bacon was so good along with the sausage. Overall the breakfast was gorgeous, I would like to think Hatch & Sons will do really well, the space they have is beautiful and the food is good as well as being reasonably priced especially for Stephens Green. Finally my only other niggle would be the lack of music, would be nice for a very low hum of something in the background, when I was in Saturday morning it was like a morgue with the silence, I imagine its different later in the day. I will defo will be back to try the Blaas! Something that made me smile was the Barrys Tea on the counter, Barrys is my favourite of all teas, that alone will have me back through the door. 

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