Lawcus Guest House Kilkenny - Updated - Stay Number 2

This is our second stay at Lawcus Guesthouse, I didn't think it could surpass our first stay but by god it did. Before I start in to my updated review here is my previous review of Lawcus from last July

You may have seen my restaurant reviews but this is where we stayed. I knew Joanne adores Lawcus so it really fit in to place for the puzzle that made up my birthday present to her. This time we were staying in the new house, we arrived a little earlier than I had hoped on Sunday afternoon, so when we knocked on the door no one was home. I gave Mark a ring so he said to let ourselves in, go up to our room and make yourselves comfy. Now we had seen the new house and even had the tour before, the house is truly stunning. STOP! before I go any further you need some back story, I say this because one of the reasons I picked Lawcus and the room we were staying in was because of our tour of the house in the summer. Mark showed us the Kingfisher room, the only one in the new house for guests, it was to be a special room kept for special occasions as you would sleep in the same house as Mark & Ann Marie. As he showed us the room he asked us to lie on the floor to admire the amazing roofing architecture that he had employed, here is a pic Mark took for us at the time:

So when I rang in September to make the booking Ann Marie said the Kingfisher room was available and I jumped at the chance! Here is the room as it looks now, so beautifully finished! 

Soon after dropping are bags off Mark and Ann Marie arrived home. We went downstairs to meet them and it was like meeting old friends, their welcome is second to none! They are the perfect hosts and this time round our stay was more special as it was just me and Joanne staying for the two nights. Our breakfast the following morning was magnificent, a full fry up with smoked salmon, yogurt, granola, fruit salad, orange juice and coffee:

This brekkie set both of us up for the day, we were so full we didn't even need a lunch, that was probably a good thing though as we had Campagne that night. But look at that breakfast, scrambled egg from their own hens, homemade bread, homemade potato pancake, and smoked salmon from their friends. The next day was equally as good and that included cheese! Jesus going home yesterday I thought we would have to be rolled out to the car. The sausages were also amazing, a new recipe from their butcher friend:

Such a fantastic weekend at Lawcus, Mark and Ann Marie have the most special experience here, great accommodation  food, animals and the most important thing the warmest welcome! Please please go here its worth every penny and even at that its not too dear either. I am including some more pics of the most beautiful house I have ever been in.

Lawcus can be found here :

And here:

They really made Joanne's birthday one to remember.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your remarks and photos. It was nice seeing the new house again. I didn't take my camera in for the tour they gave us when we stayed this fall. Nice seeing the beautiful handywork again. This was one of our favorite places we stayed while in Ireland and would love a second visit! Their hospitality is bested by noone!

  2. Thank you Laura for stopping by we love it at Lawcus :)


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