Quick Steak Sandwich

Last night when I got in home I wanted something fairly fast and simple, I had some quick frying steak in the fridge and some really nice farmhouse bread left over from the weekend that was going slightly stale. One thing sprang to mind, a steak sarnie! Now the only thing missing here is maybe some onions, but I thought I would leave them out just in case my stomach was still a bit dodgy from the weekend. I say that because I had the dreaded Winter Vomitting bug on the back end of last week, which explains my radio silence up until yesterday. Anyhow enough of the sick stomach talk, I threw a fried egg in also, man I love fried eggs in a steak sandwich, seeing that the glorious egg yolk dripping out makes my mouth water.  
I took 3 thin quick fry steaks, sliced them in to strips (2cm in width), seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and tablespoon of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce. I proceeded to quickly fry the meat off in a wok until browned, about 3 mins. With another pan fry your egg, but do it on a gently heat in some little oil. Meanwhile I toasted my big hunks of bread, and when toasted drizzled it in some good extra virgin olive oil I had lurking in the back of my cupboard, followed by rubbing both sides of the bread with a garlic clove. Just before we build the sandwich, I plopped 1 tablespoon of ketchup into a bowl with a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce to add some tartness, mixing well. Now for the construction, take some clean lettuce leaves and place on the first slice, (I love to use Florettes Duo pack of lambs lettuce & ruby chard), add your steak, followed by your sauce, plonking the other slice of bread on top. 

Heaven! so satisfying, tasty and quick, it took me only 15 mins to lash this gorgeous sandwich together. Only thing missing was some nice shoestring chips.

Thanks for reading