Saturday Afternoon Tea at Dromoland Castle

Ok so I said in my last post my next Afternoon Tea would be at the Connaught in London, but with Joanne being down in Limerick with me this weekend we decided to treat my mum to Afternoon Tea out in Dromoland Castle. After the success of my mum's trip to Adare Manor at Christmas I knew she would love this afternoon. Myself and Joanne told her just be prepared for 2pm on Saturday as we are going to go some where as a treat. So with us on the road toward Ennis, I told my mum where we were headed. My mum being always conscious of how much things cost she was horrified but excited when we told her where we were going for her new favorite thing being Afternoon Tea. Dromoland was a first for us all, so when we arrived at the grounds we marveled how spectacular the castle is in person. I have always wanted to go there ever since a friend of mine worked there when I was doing my professional cookery course, she always made it sound like the perfect place to work and train as a chef. We arrived just after 2.30pm, the weather was gloomy and cold, but the castle was warm and welcoming. We were greeted by an extremely nice duty manager who escorted us to the Gallery Room who introduced us to Michele our waitress for the afternoon. I had a table reserved thankfully as they were quite busy. Michele took our Afternoon Tea for 3 order and what drinks we would like. She explained we would receive 2 scones each, 3 cakes each and 5 sandwiches each.

The selection was excellent, the sandwiches consisted of cucumber with cream cheese, chicken salad, roast ham and cheddar, egg salad, smoked salmon and tomato with cream cheese. The cakes were very delicate and refined, consisting of a raspberry sponge, lemon curd slice, pineapple sponge, a brownie, and chocolate marquis. We also received a fine a selection of fresh warm scones with blackberry jam and clotted cream. We did however notice that we only received 2 cakes each and 10 sandwiches when we were to receive 15. Upon noticing this we said this to a passing waiter, to which he apologized profusely and brought out the rest. Now we knew we wouldn't eat it all but we wanted to bring some treats back home to my dad as he was missing out due to work. The selection we received was fantastic and incredibly nice, the sandwiches were slightly plain in comparison to some other afternoon teas we have had but the cake selection I believe was the best. So so good especially the lemon curd slices so tangy and citrusy, heaven to a lemon lover like myself. We absolutely loved our Afternoon Tea at Dromoland, it was truly fantastic and lovely way to treat my mum on a wet January Saturday afternoon. There were a few cakes and sandwiches left so they kindly boxed the remaining up for my dad. Its now becoming mine and Joanne's favorite thing to do but its also becoming my mums favorite thing to do. Finally here are some pics of the Gallery Room and our view:

Next Stop The Connaught for our next Afternoon Tea:

Thanks for reading, and apologies for the quiet week, but it was a lean lean end to January.