Moloughneys - An Update

This Saturday night myself and Joanne paid Moloughneys a visit for dinner for the first time in over a year, you can read my previous review here. We arrived at 7pm to a busy and bustling restaurant, most notably a warm haven from the bitter cold that has once again engulfed Dublin city this weekend, ok so I say bitter cold being 3.5c if you are in Canada, Russia, et al then this would be balmy for you folk. From the moment we walked through the door the welcome was also warm by Mols staff, we were shown to the quieter upstairs area, downstairs was packed and it was only 7pm! The feel you get here when you first arrive is that its a real family run community restaurant, faces young and old throughout. Our waiter for the night presented us with our menus after being seated, naturally it wasnt the same as what is online, their menu is constantly changing at Mol's, which is fantastic, always serving whats seasonal and available from the farm to the plate. We scanned down through the menu and decided to go with the 2 courses for 22 euro deal, I think 3 courses for 27 is the other option. Joanne decided upon crab crostini for starters and a mains of lemon & thyme chicken with tender-stem broccoli with garlic potatoes, I made the choice of ham hock with piccalilli for my starters and Comeragh spring lamb done two ways. After ordering, Joanne turned to me and asked what the hell is piccalilli  "is that not a Tube line in London she exclaimed?" This gave me a right chuckle, "no its not a tube line, thats the Piccadilly you are thinking of!!!". Piccalilli is pickled vegetables in a spicy mustard sauce, I guess it could be considered a thing you do or don't really like, think Marmite. In our house down home we would always have it at Christmas ,the turkey and ham sandwiches would be loaded with it. 

Anyhow I must go on, out came the starters to our delight. Firstly my own, it was presented on a long rectangular plate, yes no pics in this post so bear with me! A line of pulled ham hock pieces was topped with salad leaves and the most delicate of piccalilli I have ever had. It was gorgeous, the ham was so moist and tasty, I could have eaten three plates of this, the piccalilli gave a lovely sweet and sour flavor, a truly triumphant starters. I of course was given a taster of Joanne's starters, it too was beautiful such fresh and delicate crab meat a top a crisp crostini, so light. Both starters were perfect, the right amount of food, light and fresh leaving you dying for your next course. We also devoured some yum bread in between. I knew when I booked earlier on in the day we would be on to a winner, I have yet to dine in Mols and come away unfulfilled.

Drum roll please dun dun dun ( thats more of the Eastenders theme ), here were the mains!!! Yes yes oh yes when I set my eyes on the lamb, it looked spectacular, I just wanted to do a Tony Montana, and dive in face first. It was done in two ways, being slow cooked shoulder and medium cooked neck fillet. Firstly the fillet, it was stunning, perfectly cooked and an outstanding piece of meat. As was the shoulder, simply devine, so soft and tender. Jesus the meat in both the starters and mains I could have gobbled down a bowl of ham hock meat and lamb, HEAVEN! My lamb was also served with a fondant potato cooked in goose fat, does it get any better? I also had a taster of Joanne's main and it too was lovely, she enjoyed it. When we were finished, we were nicely full ( shush...I could have still eaten more yes I am bottomless Pete) so we skipped a dessert, which if we had room for I would have steam rolled through. The whole experience at Mols for us is what we want in a restaurant, the staff are so nice, the ambiance is perfect, and by god the food is A1. So glad I picked this place yesterday, I promise to myself, Joanne and Mols it wont be as long the next time. Please if you are in the area go to Mols to support Liam and his team's fantastic dining establishment.

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