Pancake Shrove Tuesday

I am going to write this in capital letters to make sure you know how much I love pancakes, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PANCAKES! Pancakes for me were a staple of my youth, they were a Saturday treat at home. It would always go like this "Mum Mum Mum please make some pancakes" and most times she would oblige then my father in the background would go (picture man Martin Jol's accent) "Ah do we bloody have to have pancakes again" the reason why he would say this is because pancakes just weren't enough for me dad as a dinner, which in turn he made eating them in to a competition to see how many he could eat. My bro and myself would manage 3 or 4 but in weighed my dad, easily polishing off 10-12. I even remember at one stage he used to take the leftover ones to work for lunch the next day. However then we had special Pancake Shrove Tuesday, the best day after Christmas, where you would have a full dinner followed by pancakes. In our house all we ever had was lemon and sugar, no fancy chocolate spreads, or ice cream. Shrove Tuesday is that day before for Lent in the Catholic calendar of Easter, of which might I add no one in my house I don't think have ever participated in. The recipe below is a nice alternative to the regular pancake recipe and is more or less a US style recipe. I will include the normal recipe below too which is SO EASY to make. I cannot understand why people buy the packets of pancake mix when its so easy to do yourself.

US Style

Ingredients (makes 8 large pancakes)

175g  buttermilk 
2 medium eggs
25g caster sugar
100ml milk
175g self raising flour
25g cornflour
Butter, for frying
  1. Whisk the buttermilk, eggs, sugar and milk together. Sieve in the flour, cornflour and beat till smooth. I'd advise using an electric whisk.
  2. Lightly butter a hot frying pan and spoon in dollops of batter – aim for pancakes of 8-10cm in diameter.
  3. Cook until the edges set but the centre is still a little runny, then flip over with a spatula. Cook the other side until the middle domes slightly, remove with a spatula and repeat with the remaining mixture.

Regular Style courtesy of Bord Bia
Ingredients (makes 12 pancakes) 

100g self raising flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg
300 ml milk
1 tablsp. melted butter

1) Beat egg and milk together till mixed.
2) Sieve flour in to mixture and beat until smooth, your are looking for the consistency of double cream.
3) Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes
4) Lightly butter a hot frying pan and cook your pancakes. Ladle in enough batter to coat the base of the pan thinly (about 2 tablsp.), tilting the pan so the mixture spreads evenly. Cook over a moderate heat for 1-2 minutes or until the batter looks dry on the top and begins to brown at the edges. Flip the pancake over with a palette knife or fish slice and cook the second side.

Thanks for reading and enjoy pancake Tuesday!



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