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Sourdough Loaf

This weekend has been jammed packed with all kinds of baking but this baby started last Sunday at 9pm. Why did it take so long I hear you cry, well this is a sourdough bread which requires a natural yeast to be grown in advance. Most people keep their sourdough constantly on the grow but I let my last one fall in to disrepute so I started a new one last Sunday courtesy of my friend Stephen Chisholm's blog, and in fact this sourdough starter has been my best yet, you can find Steve's information here: This loaf is fairly simplified and easy to knock up, I love it and I am sure you will too.
470g Bread Flour
65 gRye Flour
200g White sourdough starter 100% Hydration
300g Water
15g Salt


1. Mix all ingredients except the salt in a large mixing bowl. 2. Cover the bowl with a wet towel and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes (autolyze). 3. Add salt. 4. Knead the dough by hand for a 8 minutes. 5. Place the dough in the oil…


What can I say that picture above doesn't say, for me I have a reached a milestone this weekend in my baking with the above croissants. I say I have a reached a milestone as I would have never have thought i'd been able to produce something like the above patisserie before until this weekend and I found this recipe online by Top with Cinnamon. The recipe is absolutely fantastic and makes the production of croissants so damn easy. I have a long long love affair with croissants, in fact as crazy as it sounds I remember my very first one. I was 7 years of age and for our first ever summer holiday our parents were taking us to Pontins in Prestatyn North Wales. We had gotten a deal if I remember with Slattery's bus company that took us from Limerick city to Pembroke in South Wales arriving in the middle of the night. As part of the journey from Pembroke to Prestatyn we stopped in a roadside services, "Wow" I thought this was a magical oasis, video games, and breakfas…

3 Strand Braided Bread

Afternoon I recently made this braided bread for a guest post on the cooking club for It could not be easier to make, it looks like Challah bread but there is no sweetness here so its perfect for sandwiches etc, or my favourite toasted with some Gooseberry preserve. I hope you make this and enjoy it, any questions give me a shout.


500g strong flour Pinch of salt Pinch of caster sugar 1 Egg 1 Tablespoon dried fast action yeast 320 gr milk 75 gr melted butter 1 egg yolk with pinch of salt for glaze whisked 

Method Heat the milk in a microwave for 1 minute or till lukewarm in pan. Take off the heat and add the yeast with pinch of sugar, whisk and allow to dissolve. The addition of sugar encourages the yeast to grow, feeding it if you like. Sieve the flour into a bowl and place pinch of salt in the opposite side of the bowl.  The purpose of this is if the salt mixes with the yeast too early on it will damage the growth of the yeast later in the prove.Make a well in t…

Summer Strawberry Tart

Who does not love Strawberries (apart from people who are allergic of course!) at this time of the year, they are absolutely everywhere, and they taste delish unlike the behemoths you find in shops in mid December that taste of nothing. I even remember having my first strawberry, I was about 10 years of age,  mum, my bro and myself were over to Sunday lunch in my aunt's house whilst my dad was over in Holland visiting family (I always think of this episode of the Simpsons when I say my dad is over in Holland). I shuddered at the prospect of eating strawberries as a kid I never liked fruit but that was about to change. Simple as you like strawberries and cream, heavenly I thought and still to this day there isn't a better combination as a dessert. So when I got home to Limerick on Friday I saw a punnet of strawberries in the fridge and knew I would be using them for dessert on Sunday. What I decided to make today was what I had got going on in my head, sugar pastry base, lined…

A Return To Blogging - Will's Salad & Ballybunion

Ok first things first I have been away from blogging for nearly 2 months now for numerous reasons, 1 of which you will hear about in the coming months just not yet, sure don't we all love waiting for a surprise.......... This weekend I am down home and spent most of today down in Ballybunion. I could bleat on like everyone else is right now about the weather but for the love of jeff its the weather enjoy it, stop talking about it already. Today was my first day in Ballybunion since I was about 12 years of ages so we are talking nearly 17 years ago. We used to go there quite regularly as kids or kid ( when my bro arrived we didn't go as much anymore, thanks Steve!) so it was a treat to head back down and see what had changed over the years. New places opened , old places closed and most notably my favourite chipper as a kid, Jumbo's beside Shortis's bar had since changed hands. After a day on the beach my dad would take us in there for a strawberry milkshake and chips,…