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Cronuts made simple

These delectable pastries have become a phenomenon in New York over the past 3 months, who knew that a cronut could essentially go viral. Everybody wants these doughnuts crossed with a croissant. Their creator is the mastermind that is Dominique Ansel of 189 Spring St. NYC. Rather than being puff pastry deep fried, cronuts are laminated yeast dough that is deep fried to perfection. Like many others, my cronuts are essentially a copycat version, however I don't fill mine with creme pat because my fiancee isn't fan of creamy based desserts. For me I found these quite easy to make, so enough with the pretense enjoy!

250 ml cold milk  125 ml boiling water 1 tbsp active dry yeast ( 2 Packets ) 50 g caster sugar 500 g plain flour 1 tsp salt 250 g butter, frozen, then left at room temp. for 20-30 minutes Topping & Cooking 2L of Rapeseed Oil 200g Caster Sugar 100g Hazelnuts (Toasted & Chopped) 100g Biscuit Crumb ( I blitzed Ginger nut biscuits here) 200g Icing Sugar  70g Milk

Coffeeangel - Pembroke St. Dublin

Continuing on from my last post at Kaph, I present you Coffeeangel over on Pembroke St. This is the latest in their successful progression from a stall on the quays, to the corner of MYO in the IFSC to a takeaway place on South Anne St. to finally a sit down cafe. I remember when I first moved to Dublin what is nearly 4 years ago now, I heard alot about an awesome coffee place down by Ulster Bank on the quays, but Dublin being a big place (or certainly felt like it to a Limerick guy at the time) I actually couldn't find it. Time passed and one day having lived here 2 years I happened to go for lunch with Joanne in MYO. To my shock there was Coffeeangel tucked away in the corner. YES! It only took me two years to find them, the coffee in turn was worth the wait. Now back to the present day, Coffeeangel have opened less than 5 mins from where I work. Also where the shop is now is actually directly across from where I used to work when I first moved to Dublin which for me has some s…

Ham, Cheese & Onion Rye Soda Bread

This week for recipe Tuesday I am presenting you with a Ham, Cheese & Onion Rye Soda Bread. Yet again an extremely simple but tasty bread, fast to make and even faster to eat. I have also made a change to your traditional soda bread and incorporated rye flour instead of wholemeal flour. Also this week I am introducing my new gif system to help you with the recipe. This bread goes so well with a nice Wensleydale cheese or a hearty vegetable soup.
225g rye flour 225g plain flour 3 turns of pepper mill 1 tsp salt 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 75g of extra mature cheddar 40g of finely chopped scallions 40g of ham 25g butter 1 egg 375ml Buttermilk

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/200(Fan) (425°F), Gas mark 7. 2. Sift together the flours, pepper,salt and bicarbonate of soda in a large bowl. Add the butter and rub into the flour mix until it resembles breadcrumbs. Make a well in the centre, adding grated cheddar, ham and scallions.

3. Add whole egg to the flour mix. Pour most o…

Murphy's Ice Cream & Kaph - Dublin

It's absolutely sweltering in Dublin right now and all I can think about is sea salt ice cream since reading a post on Lovin Dublin yesterday on Murphy's of Wicklow Street. I will generally attest to not being the biggest fan of ice cream, I am a take or leave it kind of guy. I guess thats why I have never darkened Murphy's door before. Ice cream for me generally gets boring after the first few mouthfuls, I can't explain why but the taste for me never lingers long enough. You may have heard of Murphy's by now basically two New York brothers moved to Kerry to strike up an ice cream business that has sky rocketed over the past few years. Cutting long story short I am here to get my fix! to help cool me down.

They have wonderful sounding flavours and a few I have never heard of before. However I was here for one flavour, the sea salt! Firstly before I go any further the staff are so nice and helpful willing to allow you taste as many ice creams as you like, you could…

Hansel and Gretel - Patisserie in the city

Over the months of April and May I was up the walls with a secret side project of which I will be talking about very soon. However the opening of Hansel and Gretel Patisserie over on Clare St. Dublin literally flew right under my radar until recently when I saw it reviewed on French Foodie in Dublin's blog. So I thought today was as good as any to brave this truly stunning weather we have been experiencing in Dublin of late. I say this because every time I seem to go out in the weather I feel like the witch in the Wizard of Oz, "Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!". 
As you can see from my wonderful photography skills I even managed to capture the quintessential Dublin bus in my shot of the patisserie's facade. The front has lots of lovely bread adorning the window making entry so tempting. When you get in there is bread and baked goods everywhere beautifully laid out. There is also more tarts and desserts in a chilled …

Screaming Beans - Amsterdam

During my trip to Amsterdam I happened to stumble upon Screaming Beans. When I saw the name for some reason or another I knew I had read about this place or saw it recommended by someone. That someone was Colin Harmon at 3fe, Screaming Beans is the coffee of choice by 3fe on their international guide to coffee which you can find here. Putting all my trust in 3fe, I wandered in dragging Joanne in with me (yeah unfortunately for Joanne she doesn't like coffee).

We were seated by some extremely nice staff . I made my order, being here under 3fe's recommendation I thought I would go for an espresso set. So I ordered a cappuccino and espresso of their Ethiopian Sidamo, and if I remember correctly we ordered a brownie to share. From this point on I now know why Screaming Beans comes so highly rated, the coffee was beautiful not to mention our sweet treat. Screaming beans is fantastic, top notch staff, great coffee and gorgeous cake. I got talking to the girls as we left and told th…

Holtkamp Bakkerij - Amsterdam

One afternoon, I think it was the Monday we got to Wassenaar (where my grandmother lives in the Netherlands) and I happened to go in to the local bookshop just to leaf through the cookery books, while Joanne was next door in the HEMA. One of the books stood out to me "De Banketbakker" (translated as the confectioner) by Cees Holtkamp. As I scanned through the book I realised that it was a Dutch baking bible, from Koffiebroodje to Krokets. It had everything I had been looking for when it comes to Dutch baking as there are not many resources online to use. Joanne wandered in soon after and insisted she buy me the book but to her dismay I wouldn't let her or at least not yet, I wanted to see if they had it online in English first. I got back to our little bungalow in Maassland that evening to discover it wasn't available in English but soon realised the guy who had wrote this wonderful book was "the" Cees Holtkamp of Amsterdam, I really had no idea at the tim…