Coffeeangel - Pembroke St. Dublin


Continuing on from my last post at Kaph, I present you Coffeeangel over on Pembroke St. This is the latest in their successful progression from a stall on the quays, to the corner of MYO in the IFSC to a takeaway place on South Anne St. to finally a sit down cafe. I remember when I first moved to Dublin what is nearly 4 years ago now, I heard alot about an awesome coffee place down by Ulster Bank on the quays, but Dublin being a big place (or certainly felt like it to a Limerick guy at the time) I actually couldn't find it. Time passed and one day having lived here 2 years I happened to go for lunch with Joanne in MYO. To my shock there was Coffeeangel tucked away in the corner. YES! It only took me two years to find them, the coffee in turn was worth the wait. Now back to the present day, Coffeeangel have opened less than 5 mins from where I work. Also where the shop is now is actually directly across from where I used to work when I first moved to Dublin which for me has some semblance of symmetry if you will, 4 years ago I couldn't find them now they are smack back in front of where I once worked. Anyhow I digress, the shop as you enter is extremely slick and simple as you can see from the next two pics:

I decided to order what is becoming my favorite coffee, a macchiato which is an espresso shot topped up with some warm milk. I would have also loved some sort of treat to go with it but they only had croissants and danishes, this I believe is something they should expand out a little. In saying that they have a good selection of sandwiches, coffee and good selection of coffee brewing equipment. Back to my coffee, I did wait a few minutes for it but I wasn't in a rush so it was all good. They were quite busy when I arrived and good coffee in my opinion should not be rushed.

Mmm the coffee was beautiful, and not over filled with milk either. They asked would I like some more milk but the picture above was perfection for me. I will certainly be back as for me this is the best coffee in my working area, as 3FE is a little out of my way. So happy to see these guys open up, please go here the coffee does not disappoint.

Find them here:

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The post above was written yesterday afternoon, but I have just been in for a gorgeous coffee and they are stocked up with loads of treats today. LOVE THIS PLACE!