Salted Stroopwafel Rocky Road

This happens to be one of the easiest treats you can make in the kitchen and requires virtually no cooking. You can impress your friends so easily with this they will want more and more. Rocky road can literally contain anything , in fact one of my favourites is popcorn it works so well. However today I have added some digestive biscuits and the main ingredient Stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are native to the Netherlands, two waffle biscuits sandwiched with yummy caramel toffee. I also added some Fleur de Sel I found in the back of my cupboard, I love this moist salt because it works so well with sweet treats. Here is the most easiest recipe ever for you to enjoy.


300g 75% dark chocolate
200g of mixed marshmallows
2Tbsp of honey
80g of butter melted
1Teasp of Fleur de Sel
8 digestive biscuit - roughly chopped
10 stroopwafels - roughly chopped
1Teasp of vanilla extract


1) Pre line a 30cm x 15cm dish with cling film.
2) Melt your chocolate in a double boiler or slowly in the microwave checking every 30-40 seconds so as not to burn it.
3) Add melted chocolate to the melted butter, Fleur de Sel, vanilla extract and honey. Mix well until smooth.
4) Now add your chopped biscuits, stroopwafels and marshmallows, again mix well.
5) Transfer to the pre lined dish and press down. Chill for 2 hours.
6) Remove from the fridge and cut up in to squares.....ENJOY!

Do you love Rocky Road if so what's your favourite additions?

Thanks for reading,