Beautiful Beans - The best damn baked beans you will ever have!

For as long as I remember I have been eating baked beans, they are one of the most simplest meals you can eat and so nutritious. They were a staple in our home as kids, in fact for most of my childhood Thursday was beans night. Thursday was the day my parents would do the weekly shop and beans were always the last thing in the cupboard before they would do the shopping at 7pm down in our local Dunnes Stores. As sad as it sounds I even remember the bowl the beans would be served up in, its mad to think you end up remembering simple things like this. They would be either served with buttered bread or toast, but for some reason we always got it in our little bowl where as my mum would eat them on toast, again strange things like that stay with you. Consequently I have found beans to be a fast go to meal especially for lunch in work. When I left home to live in Dublin my mum would supply me with beans endlessly. There was one stage after living up in Dublin 6 months, I had 28 cans beans in my food cupboard. I gotta love my mum, when she knows you like something she will supply you with loads of it, although I guess all parents are like that. 

Anyhow I digress, back to today, I present you the best damn beans I have ever eaten. These beans are heavenly and would belong on any dining table as the main meal. Not to mention this is another simple tasty recipe. Its extremely healthy, being vegan, gluten free and great for someone like myself on a diet. I want you to try this, I personally believe it tastes incredible.

Serving 4 this comes in at 138 calories per person and also 4 Weight Watchers points.


2 cans of beans ( any beans will do here I used a mixed can and one can of cannellini beans) 
   Drain both cans but reserve the liquid from one as you will use this later.
1tbsp of olive oil
1 (450g) can of good chopped tomatoes ( do not drain )
1 medium sized white onion
3 garlic cloves
Pinch of chilli flakes
Salt and pepper


1)Slice the onions thinly and mince the 3 garlic cloves.
2)Fry the onions and garlic on a medium heat for 5 mins until softened but do not brown, so if you think they are cooking too fast turn your heat down.
3)Add your beans, drained bean liquid of one can and tomatoes seasoning with salt, chilli flakes and pepper.
4)Bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer once boiled for 30 mins.
5)Adjust seasoning and serve immediatly.

So freaking good, I hope this is something you try its yummy.

Thanks for reading