Spicy Mixed Bean Hummus - Weight Watchers Wednesday

Welcome to this week's Weight Watcher Wednesday post, today I bring you my own mixed bean hummus with some different twists. So generally you make Hummus with chick peas, tahini and olive oil where as mine is a little different but tastes just as good. It comes in at 80 calories based on 8 servings which equates to 2 points for Weight Watchers folk. Enough of the talk here is the recipe its proper tasty!

Ingredients ( 8 Servings ) 40g per serving 

250g of beans drained ( I used a mixed can )
70g of peanut butter ( crunchy )
2 garlic cloves crushed
1 lemon (juice of )
2tsp of chilli sauce ( sambal oelek is what I used found in most asian supermarkets or use chilli flakes )
20g of water


Ok here is the easy part, ready? Put everything in to a blender and blitz till smooth and resembling hummus.


Enjoy and thank you for reading, this simple easy recipe!