Spanish Almond Butter Buns

I love sweet buns I could eat them all day long, they are one of my favourite things to make in a kitchen. When I recently saw this recipe on a Spanish blog I knew I had to make them. I set about translating the recipe in to English and baking my very own version, these tasty buns are speckled with fruit and almonds. They remind very much of hot cross buns without the spice, and in fact when I make these again I think saffron would be a lovely addition to enhance the flavour profile. I do hope you enjoy this recipe as Mary Berry says they are scrummy, love that word and lady.

Ingredients ( makes 8 ) adapted from "L'Exquisit"

250g bread flour 
2tbsp sugar 
7g instant yeast (14 grams. grams fresh yeast) 
35g butter, soft
65g cottage cheese
2 eggs 
50g candied fruit
25g sultanas
35g sliced ​​almonds (plus more for garnish) 
Grated rind of one orange 
1 egg yolk for glazing the buns
Icing sugar, for finishing

  1. Mix the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, and yeast) and add the butter, quark and eggs/
  2. Bring together into a ball and then knead for 8 minuts until dough is elastic.
  3. Then add the candied fruit, raisins, almonds and zest bit by bit.
  4. Form a ball and let rest covered with a damp cloth for an hour. 
  5. Divide dough into 8 equal portions (about 87g each) 
  6. Place on a lined tray with all the balls pressing together in a circle, cover with cling film and let rest 90 minutes.
  7. Brush with egg yolk and spread the sliced ​​almonds on top. Bake at 200c/180c/400F/gas mark 6 for 15-18 minutes until golden. 
  8. Let cool on a wire rack.
  9. Before serving sprinkle with icing sugar.