My baking classes are coming to you! *Updated with Robyn's Nest Classes*

A question I get asked alot is since the bake off ended is "what am I doing with myself?" well let me tell you here so you can keep up to date with my whereabouts :) Back in November I had a lovely Sunday afternoon chat with Ann Mc Namee of Kitchen Complements on South Anne Street, Dublin 2. Ann asked me would I happen to be interested in teaching some classes in her lovely shop, naturally I said yes because Kitchen Complements is my favourite shop to go in Dublin, and needless to say I was extremely honored to be asked. A few days later Ann asked would I like to take the reigns for some classes she had available. Naturally I jumped at the chance, I ended up teaching two very cool classes, the first one being choux pastry and meringue, the second being gingerbread houses. Both were a great opportunity for me to wet my feet in the baking teaching world. Along came another chat with Ann and Margaret, they wanted me to come up with a 4 week bread course, god I felt this is fantastic stuff so I set about devising a course that will run in February 2014. Here is the structure of what I came up with :

Bread course outline :

Week 1 - Easy Breads - Soda & Dried Yeast - 1st Feb

Basil & Black Olive Soda Bread
Irish Cheese Soda Bread
No Knead Yeast Bread
Zeeuwse Bolus - A Dutch breakfast bun

Week 2 - Fresh Yeast - 8th Feb

Dinner Rolls
Plaits - Challah

Week 3 - Sweet Breads - 15th Feb

"Koffiebroodjes" - Dutch coffee rolls
Salted Caramel Doughnuts

Week 4- Sourdough - 22nd Feb

Starting and maintaining your own sourdough starter.
Sourdough Vermont loaf
Sourdough cinnamon swirls with walnut filling and orange icing.

Learn how to knead, prove and bake breads from soda to sourdough. Begin the course with the Easy breads using soda and dried yeast, then fresh yeast, sweet  and sourdough breads on the following weeks  All the essentials here!  On completion of the course, we hope you'll never want to buy or eat sliced bread again, or be tempted to spend money on other people's specialty bread either! So get online or head in store to book it will be great fun.

Ok up next this one is for the lovely people of Munster. Just before Christmas a new girl joined us in work who happened to be working in Limerick for the past few years. She said one of her best Christmas parties was a trip to a cookery school out in Annacotty Limerick by the name of Recipe4Success. I checked out their site and gave them a call asking would they be interested in me popping out over Christmas to discuss doing some classes with them. Well on Christmas Eve I got to meet Shane & Nicola, two of the nicest people. Their setup is absolutely fantastic, such a great space and excellent variety of classes. So having spoke about what I could teach we agreed I would run two classes on the 8th of March the first being Macaron, Madeleines and Gateau Paris Brest. The second class would be bread in the afternoon. Both classes are hands on so I demonstrate and then you replicate, I could be some sort of poet or rapper with those lines. 

You can check out the course here:

Finally I am teaching in Robyn's Nest Cookery School on the 26th of February, where I show you how to make Macarons easy. I cant wait to work with the team at Robyn's Nest, they have a fantastic kitchen. So if you are interested just click the link below :

That's the current plan I also have a demonstration coming up in Cavan in a secondary school which will be great craic, I will be teaching bread and eclairs. 

So there you have it, that's what I am doing with myself right now in the baking world which is still my hobby as I still work in my day job as a Data Manager, oh there is a wedding in Clonabreany to be organised aswell with my best friend and Fiancee Joanne. If you have any questions on any of my courses just leave a comment below or tweet me I always tweet back.

Thank you for reading as always,