The countdown begins today to May 2014

After month's of excess especially in the festive month of December it is time to get back to some sort of fitness and lose those extra pounds I have accumulated since the Bake Off in May of last year.  Thankfully I have a goal to aim for because in May of this year I am getting married to Joanne exactly 1 year on from last year's final in Clonabreany House and we both cannot wait for the big day. In preparation however and to make sure I fit in to my suit I need to drop some weight. I have 5 months to get in shape and I am turning to my favoured method of weight loss, good ol Weight Watchers. I have tried all means of losing weight in the past but I find I always come back to Weight Watchers. My original diet in 2009 when I lost nearly 12st is not sustainable whilst working as I went to the gym 7 days a week and sometimes twice a day but I was not employed at the time following my redundancy from Dell. Now though I find Weight Watchers gives me the right balance whilst working and not going to the gym as I simply cannot afford to go . Yes it means counting points on a daily basis but I like the rigidity of having to stick to a certain number. Plus you can eat what you like as long as you point it, so that allows me to eat all my favourites be it cakes, chocolate and breads but in proportion. It is onwards and upwards after today until May, so what I hope to do is like before bring you some Weight Watcher treats for you to enjoy, my previous ones can be found here:

As you can see there are only 3 posts, as I started my last weight loss campaign in August and it did not last very long as a result of the Great Irish Bake Off launch party in the Merrion hotel in September, which sounded the death knell of weight loss until now some 5 months later. I have 2.5 stone to shift so stay tuned to my blog to see how I get on. I am generally fairly good with weight loss, just about as good as putting it on though. Between my original weight loss in 2009 and subsequent weight loss in 2012 during my last get fit campaign I have in total lost 14.5st or in baking terms thats 92 kilos of sugar or 202 blocks of Kerrygold butter. I will post up my weight loss each week to keep me on the straight and narrow primarily because I do Weight Watchers from home, I don't have the balls to attend classes. Its funny in a way, I can go on TV but cannot weigh myself in public. 

Also whilst you are here reading my ramblings check out KitchenComplements for my bread course in February you can find all the details here:

So are you on a health kick this new year? do you have any good recipes for Weight Watchers let me know I would love to hear about them by leaving a comment below:

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