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Iced Choux Buns

There is nothing I love more than Choux, its my favourite of all pastries to work with and last week I made some iced choux buns for a going away party in work. I think everyone in work liked them aswell as the girls in Joanne's office so whilst I am looking after what I eat, I think I am finally able to make desserts for others now without tasting what I have just made. Trust me it takes alot of my will power and determination not to eat them.
Iced Choux with white chocolate ganache filling
Choux Pastry
¼ litre water Pinch of salt & sugar 100g butter 125g strong flour (Orange label Odlums) 4 eggs
White choc Filling
400g of crème fraiche 360g of white chocolate
Chocolate Glaze
200g white fondant  1–2 tsp water
Choux Pastry
1) Bring the water, sugar and butter to the boil in a saucepan. Remove the heat. 2) Add the sieved flour and mix with a wooden spoon. 3) Return to the heat and stir continuously until the mixture comes away from the side of the pan. 4) Remove from the heat a…