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April 28th 2015 - Life

Good day (not in the Australian G'day sense bah you know what I mean),
I hope you are the best you can be right now. I have flipped around this idea in my brain for months maybe even longer than that, finally moving my fingers back and forth across a keyboard attempting to write a blog entry. Let me start in the year of 13'. An amazing year! it brought me many great memories, memories of family and friends gathering for something I applied a talent of mine to in the form baking on the telly (I still cannot fathom it even happened). The greatest thing that happened this year I opened up as person, I changed... I found a voice inside me telling me I can do things,  I could speak in public and not be afraid of messing up (ok I did mess up a bit in the beginning of teaching it was nerve wracking). I taught some lovely folk how to bake a bit of bread.... it was hectic, draining but incredibly rewarding seeing people produce bread from my instructions. We had our ups... our downs..…