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Lovely White Bread - You cannot go wrong!

I think we all know by now I disappear for long periods of time on my blog, so I best not say "oooh I am back blah blah". I will say this however, I feel throughout my whole time on the bake off I was churning out blog after blog for the sake of it thinking I was going to become some baking blogger bloke with a book. That didn't happen and I lost interest in blogging,  I am still a normal(ish) bloke working my day job cleaning data for a law firm, and now I am finally back to the hobby that this once was before I straight up forgot about it. The one thing about baking at least for a hobby is I need people to eat my stuff, especially the cakes, I really need to befriend my next door neighbours. Hmmm the neighbours might think I am an utter weirdo however, maybe I should stick with scoffing it myself and Joanne of course.

Anyhow here is why I decided to finally bake today. I was in Fallon and Byrne yesterday, their bread selection is fantastic but a smidgen dear, 9 quid f…