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Don't ever really do this anymore

The title says it all, HHHHELLLLO..... I am here .... not really relevant but here...I am just at the bottom of the cliff or cave hiding from that big bad Internet thing. I am only writing this because I feel nostalgic or something, I have no clue what goes on in my head half time .. oh and the wife is out with work so I am sat here listening to music ( which I never do anymore at home unless you count the odd time listening to music on my headphones making dinner, that does not really count ). When I lived on my own years ago I would happily come home on an evening and listen to music all evening long, now I find we watch junk on TV just for the sake of it every night.  Anyhow I am listening to the Today FM tribute album to Tony Fenton "Whole Lotta Live",  it's a good listen and great showcase for Irish talent ( yeah who the heck do I think I am some Hotpress writer, showcase for Irish talent, Jesus wept). Sooooo ya Hello how you doing ( I promise I don't mean that…