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IVF & Our Story - Part 1

All you can really do in life is keep trying.  There are times in your life when you’ll fail, for sure.  It happens to all of us. Failing isn’t the important thing. What’s important is that you just keep trying.  As long as you never give up, then everything will work out for the best. You should always do your best no matter what.  It may seem like it’s a never ending battle sometimes. It feels that way for me a lot of times.

Unknown author

This has to be the hardest thing I have ever tried to write. I feel this because when I write blogs I talk to you as if I am a friend if that makes sense, I write the way I actually talk. This time however I don't feel I can talk to you like that, this time it is different, this time I am talking about something only I have truly been able to open up to Joanne about and vice versa. This is my perspective on what IVF is, how it affects you, your partner and the bond between you both. Joanne has encouraged me time and time again to open up about my side…

The Garden House - Malahide

Today's post is a little earlier, a day earlier in fact, it is because I have a hectic week coming up with some work training so I won't be able to work on my blog posts during my lunches. Moving swiftly along, I have to say I am utterly delighted with the Facebook support I have received over the past few days with so many new likes and comments. As I said on Facebook I have my wife Joanne and my sister in law Karen to thank for sending new readers my way. I hope you read and like my posts, if you do like them tell me, if you don't like them tell me ( I do still fear hateful or harsh comments but I guess who wouldn't so please go easy ). I have freshened the blog up, a spring clean if you will, I felt the old theme was old and stagnant, it is now all about clean and crisp for 2017. 
With today's review I must state it has been about 2-3 months since I have been here, but like a lot of my posts at the moment I am writing them based on an archive of pictures. Ever …

Bison Bar & BBQ - 11 Wellington Quay

I cannot believe I have yet to put a review up of Bison despite going there for years now. I guess that is what happens when you drop off the proverbial cliff of blogging. I have the joy of writing about restaurants I love now I have come back. Bison is a special place for me, I mostly go here with my brother and brother in law. So when my brother is in town we always make to Bison to kick start our evening. I think at this stage I have eaten everything on the menu here, you will see below how good it all looks, the lead picture is what I had most recently. It is a chilli cheese dog with onion rings and ranch dressing, DELISH!. The star of the show here though is their slow bbq'ed brisket over 12 hours, absolutely stunning meat is the result. It has inspired me in recent months to purchase a side of brisket and my own weber charcoal bbq. I tried to recreate it at home and that I did back in August of last year. You can watch the video below of me mastering a perfect brisket, bear…

Weekend in Wicklow - Time for Reflection

Following on from my last post about our weekend in Limerick, we decided a few weeks back to treat ourselves to a weekend in Wicklow staying in The Powerscourt Hotel. The trip may sound extravagant to you reading this but this little weekend was meant as a last hurrah on a crazy year that 2016 was,  a closing of chapter in our lives and the start of a new one. I am currently working on writing a post about what these past 2 and a half years have meant to me and Joanne. I have discussed bits and pieces on here over 2015/2016 (in the one or two posts I actually wrote) but for this post I have one line written so far, "IVF and Our Story". It will be a long post,  a very long one and it won't be written like this one in an evening, so bear with me I hope to have it written in full by the end of February.
Ok so back to the weekend, it actually turned out that we got a decent enough deal at Powerscourt that included an evening meal in the Sugar Loaf Lounge and breakfast the f…

Brown's Restaurant - Brown Thomas Limerick

This post is a wee bit later than normal as I had today off with Joanne, so I will be writing about where we were on Wednesday's blog post. We had a 3 day weekend, with the first part being in Limerick visiting my family. I have not been out in Limerick for food in some time, however when I am down I generally go to the Hook and Ladder for breakfast rather than go out for lunch. We happened to ramble in to Brown Thomas or as Limerick folk call it Todds on O'Connell Street to have a look in the kitchen section. When we got in however the food on the first floor smelled gorgeous, and we were tempted in to Brown's restuarant. I had not been to Brown's before but I used to go with my mum frequently when I was a child to it's previous incarnation, when it was more of a cafe.

I chose the chowder above in the lead picture and Joanne ordered tomato soup with a portion of chips. For some reason this weekend I had a hankering for chowder,  I had planned to go to the Currago…

A Day in Murcia

I had the pleasure of visiting Murcia back in November for a day with Joanne and both our mums. We were staying in Alicante for a few days to break up the long winter, so with the hire car we decided to drive as far as Murcia. I have been going with Joanne to Alicante for years now, and I have always wanted to visit Murcia, it is about an hour's drive from where we stay, so why not! I will tell you why not, in previous years in the back of our minds we may have had a slight fear of going there because of the prospect of another earthquake like the one that happened in 2011. The earthquake primarily hit Lorca a small town in the Murcia region about 50 mins from the main Murcia centre, so maybe we didn't really have much to worry about all this time.
The first thing you notice driving to Murcia it seems more agricultural than the Alicante region, everywhere is covered in orange groves. The Valencian and Murcia regions being some of the biggest exporters of oranges in Spain. The…

The Pig's Ear - Nassau St. Dublin

Two weeks before Christmas, Joanne and myself decided to treat ourselves to lunch in The Pig's Ear. You see when I first met Joanne this was originally the place I wanted to take her on our first date, nearly 7 years ago. After a lot of back and forth we eventually settled on The Port House over on South William Street as we felt The Pig's Ear would have been really pushing the boat out, and what would happen if the ol date didn't work out. Obviously The Port House did the job as we ended up getting married, but ever since I have always wanted to try The Pig's Ear. We first got to go in March of last year so I was dying to go back for round 2. 
The first thing you notice when you arrive is that it feels so bright and airy for want of a better word. The tables are setup in a minimalist manner no table cloths etc. which I like, just your standard cutlery, ready to get down to the business of eating. The restaurant was full when we arrived on the Saturday before Christma…

Chicken Teriyaki

At the moment we are both trying to eat as healthy as possible and this chicken teriyaki with stir fried vegetables went down a treat. This meals serves 2 people, and each portion comes in at 520 calories. I am only aware of the calories because I am watching my calorie intake at the moment. My biggest problem is not eating enough vegetables but when you marry them with teriyaki I will eat them all night long.

Teriyaki sauce
85ml of light soy sauce40ml of dark soy sauce50g of honeySprinkle of chilli flakes2 teaspoons of Shaoxing wine

Main ingredients 2 chicken breastsSalt and pepperOil1/2 head of savoy cabbage1 handful of mangetout1 handful of tender stem broccoli1 large onion3 cloves of garlic1 small piece of ginger120g jasmine rice240ml of water

How you make it:
Pre heat the oven to 200c/180c fan.Place all the teriyaki sauce ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes until slightly reduced, set aside.
Trim the two chicken breasts, season wit…