Bison Bar & BBQ - 11 Wellington Quay

I cannot believe I have yet to put a review up of Bison despite going there for years now. I guess that is what happens when you drop off the proverbial cliff of blogging. I have the joy of writing about restaurants I love now I have come back. Bison is a special place for me, I mostly go here with my brother and brother in law. So when my brother is in town we always make to Bison to kick start our evening. I think at this stage I have eaten everything on the menu here, you will see below how good it all looks, the lead picture is what I had most recently. It is a chilli cheese dog with onion rings and ranch dressing, DELISH!. The star of the show here though is their slow bbq'ed brisket over 12 hours, absolutely stunning meat is the result. It has inspired me in recent months to purchase a side of brisket and my own weber charcoal bbq. I tried to recreate it at home and that I did back in August of last year. You can watch the video below of me mastering a perfect brisket, bear in mind though the video was originally on Snapchat. Also it is worth mentioning their incredible selection of whiskey either neat or in a sour, my mouth is watering!

Ribs and Brisket Combo

Smoked Sausage


Brisket from in Sutton, Co. Dublin

Go to Bison you will thank me once you have been, the food is terrific.

Today's blog was written while listening to the "This Is England 90'" soundtrack its class!

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  1. Love Bison Bar so much - Hotdog is unreal


    1. I am fairly sure I saw you the last time I was there around Christmas Siobhan


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