Catching Up - This is not a resolution...

Out of nowhere I was suddenly back blogging on Monday evening. I don't know why and I have no idea what gave me the sudden urge to do it again. May be it was the constant barrage of emails from Google telling me to update my credit card details so they could charge me for hosting this place for the year. This got me thinking I pay cash money for all of this to keep it up and running, I don't want it to become some relic or historical thing. May be though for the first time in a long time I made a bit of bread Monday, and because it was experimental it lit a small fire under me to blog about it all mostly because I blooming loved making the bread. Overall as well since my blog post Monday, the reaction I have been receiving has been really enjoyable, I got quite a few messages from people saying they were glad to see me back blogging, a few folk in work even commented on my Moloughney's post as well which was nice because it lets you know people actually read the stuff you write.

When I decided to tidy the place up Monday, fix dead links ( those SEO companies are forever sending me emails about dead links ) change some fonts, I realised I posted once last year, "Once" I thought, this place really does deserve some TLC and not the "Waterfalls" kind of TLC. I did feel all along I had grown out of posting on my blog because I stopped baking etc. which I have covered in some more serious posts since May 2015. I also remember some guy a few years ago telling me at a baking demo I was doing that the written word of blogs, recipes is all but dead and not to bother, it is all about video now. The thing is however maybe he is right but the purpose of a blog is for expression and being creative but in written or photographic form, but more so like a public diary it is a place to log your thoughts firstly for yourself and secondly the audience if you have one.

My blog I think is nearly 7 years old and has 325,000 views so someone has been reading it, although some of those views could be weird Russian sites that send spam my way. Either way this is not some resolution of mine, it is probably better that it isn't because I would be more inclined to break a resolution, this is more of test for my own self. Some people find comfort in coloring books or read to try and disconnect from the crazyness of this world, but I have a ready made coloring book right here. I am hoping to post 3 times a week if I can, Mondays will be the recipe day ( I should have enough in reserve for this even if I have to trudge through a diet from Monday of next week ), Wednesday will be restaurant review day ( again I have shed loads of these to write, because I am still taking pictures of my food although I still maintain I am not a "foodie" I am just a hungry fecker who loves eating.) and finally to end this ridiculously long sentence Friday will be my opinion piece day. Friday could be anything, something personal or something completely left field (defo not Alt Right field.. kidding).

Now.. let's see if I can stick to my little test, if you are a long time reader of this place you will notice loads of these posts littered throughout the place, see ye in 2019 lads! In all seriousness I do hope to kick things off again on here just for my own sanity. I hope you are glad to see me write again, ok I am not Jack Kerouac but everyone loves to write or express their thoughts and this is my feeble attempt at doing so. I also notice every time I post I work better when listening to music, the song I have on right now is this, Follow that Dream by Daniel Johnston. Give it a listen there is something weird I love about it, I first heard it on the Neistat Brothers HBO TV show. Finally if you like or dislike my blog tell me here by commenting or comment on the Facebook post. Lastly if you like the link on my Facebook can you like and / or share please I would be most grateful.