Rockets by Eddie Rockets

Ok so before me and Joanne succumb to the January cliches of eating healthier but defo not going to the gym, we decided to get at least one more junk food meal in before Monday. We work very close to the Rockets down by the IFSC and we go there from time to time simply because they do fairly decent burgers. We did talk about going up town to Bunsen which is the top burger place in Dublin city which I will be retrospectively reviewing soon. Ultimately though we were too lazy to go any further than Rockets on a wet a Friday evening. 

Rockets is like the little brother to Eddie Rockets, and ever since Eddie Rockets came to Limerick years ago I have been hooked. I know I always like to dump some story in to my blog posts but I always have some sort of memory to tell of when it comes to food. I remember way before Eddie's came to Limerick, I would go on day trips with my parents to Dublin, and I used to always want to go to Eddies on Dame Street as we would pass by it coming in from Heuston station on the bus. Needless to say we never got to go in Dublin because my parents always went to Henry Street shopping never to the Southside.  It's like they knew I was going to marry a Northsider in Joanne because she never wants to go to the Southside either, but hey that whole conversation is for another day, maybe Friday's Catch Up post could be on the Northside Vs Southside divide, leave it with me.

Jeez, I get distracted so easily when writing, back to Rockets. I love the one down by the IFSC, it is nice, small and generally after work not too busy as it is more of lunch / daytime place for the workers down that side of town. We always order the exact same thing, we are creatures of habit that's for sure. We get the small burger, a diet Coke for Joanne as she hates normal Coke, a Coke for myself, regular fries for Joanne and chilli fries for me.  They are always super quick in here and I don't think there has been one time I have ever been unhappy with the food.

Oh man it is always so good in here and I think the burger is the right size in comparison to normal Eddie Rockets. Check them out, I know people think they are a little bit dearer than regular burger places like McDonalds, Supermacs, etc but they are better. In fact this is bold call having eaten in Five Guys recently in Dundrum which I was majorly disappointed by, Rockets is better, yup I said it.

This post was written whilst listening to James Vincent McMorrow's album "We Move".