The Garden House - Malahide

Today's post is a little earlier, a day earlier in fact, it is because I have a hectic week coming up with some work training so I won't be able to work on my blog posts during my lunches. Moving swiftly along, I have to say I am utterly delighted with the Facebook support I have received over the past few days with so many new likes and comments. As I said on Facebook I have my wife Joanne and my sister in law Karen to thank for sending new readers my way. I hope you read and like my posts, if you do like them tell me, if you don't like them tell me ( I do still fear hateful or harsh comments but I guess who wouldn't so please go easy ). I have freshened the blog up, a spring clean if you will, I felt the old theme was old and stagnant, it is now all about clean and crisp for 2017. 

With today's review I must state it has been about 2-3 months since I have been here, but like a lot of my posts at the moment I am writing them based on an archive of pictures. Ever since I stopped blogging, I still remained a food picture taking weirdo. Mostly if Joanne was not with me I could still send her a picture of what I was having or my dad, he especially loves different foods so I like to send him on what I am having, that is always followed by a text saying "Oh Jesus that is lovely". My dad is a lot of the reason why I love food so much, in our house growing up he did the bulk of the cooking. That is not to say my mum didn't do any cooking ( and if she is reading this she is an excellent cook ) but my dad cooked most of the evening meals in our house. I have always aspired to be my dad when it comes to food, he has always had such an adventurous palate, he would literally eat anything. My mother on the other hand is the complete opposite, she likes normal food as she puts it, she eats to live not lives to eat. My dad, me and I guess to a lesser extent my brother ( he is adventurous to a point ) would eat absolutely anything. There is only two things I don't eat that I have tried and flat out do not like, that is liver or kidneys. I like other sorts of offal like sweetbreads or bone marrow if that can be counted as offal but liver or kidneys definitely not. 

My mum's opinion on food

"Oh, no. Oh, thank you, none of that foreign muck. What? Garlic bread? Garlic bread? Garlic? Bread? Am I hearin' you right? Garlic bread? No, thank you, I've got some milk roll in t'case that'll do me. The toasty loaf. The garlic bread!"

Peter Kay 

Sometimes I go off on a tangent like that, right The Garden House. The Garden House is literally across the road from the front entrance of Malahide Castle. It is a garden centre first and restaurant second. The garden centre piece I love, since last summer I have become obsessed with our gardens, I don't know why, maybe my late grandfather Bill and my mum's love of gardening rubbed off on me. Growing up I had always hoped to grow fruit and veg when I had my own garden but this past summer for saw me branch out to plants and flowers. I reckon I spent a small fortune in the Garden House, I bought all manner of plants and flowers in there, oh and Joanne also bought my bbq there. If you watched me on Snapchat last summer I did a segment on my tomato plants, I bought a heap of varieties at The Garden House. The sheer quality of there produce is fantastic, the garden centre piece has such a large selection.

Their cafe / restaurant around back is excellent and in the summer they have a bbq on the go. I had a tremendous bbq'ed pork chop with pineapple salad last summer, god it was good! Most recently myself and Joanne go here for breakfast alternatively when we are not going to Moloughney's of Clontarf, or when funds are low making it myself. They have such a nice menu of food and it is reasonably priced, here is what we had most recently.

The above fry up was top notch, as well as the pancakes, covered in a custard, blueberries and crispy shredded bacon, heavenly breakfast nosh. If you are ever in the area of Malahide go here, and then go for a stroll in the castle grounds, you 100% will not be disappointed.

Today's blog was written while listening to the Stone Roses first album.