The Pig's Ear - Nassau St. Dublin

Two weeks before Christmas, Joanne and myself decided to treat ourselves to lunch in The Pig's Ear. You see when I first met Joanne this was originally the place I wanted to take her on our first date, nearly 7 years ago. After a lot of back and forth we eventually settled on The Port House over on South William Street as we felt The Pig's Ear would have been really pushing the boat out, and what would happen if the ol date didn't work out. Obviously The Port House did the job as we ended up getting married, but ever since I have always wanted to try The Pig's Ear. We first got to go in March of last year so I was dying to go back for round 2. 

The first thing you notice when you arrive is that it feels so bright and airy for want of a better word. The tables are setup in a minimalist manner no table cloths etc. which I like, just your standard cutlery, ready to get down to the business of eating. The restaurant was full when we arrived on the Saturday before Christmas,  the good thing is you don't feel like the room is overcrowded or loud which we both like. Joanne never lets me forget a time we went to Joburger in Rathmines early on when we had started dating. It was dark, jam packed and had DJ music pumping. We never went back despite their burgers being delicious, the experience was enough for Joanne. 

We are quick eaters well I am, so no sooner had we sat down, our food was ordered and the bread was coming out. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of a meal. Great bread gets me ready for the main show, and their bread is spot on with delicious butter. For my starters I ordered "Ham terrine with candied beetroot" shown below, Joanne decided to save herself for the mains. The terrine was delicious, so meaty, coupled with the sliced beetroot and puree it made for a great combination.

Next up was the mains, I ordered the "Pan-fried Cod with Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brown Shrimp, Almonds & Capers". Joanne ordered the Cottage Pie which she devoured, naturally she gave me some to taste, it was excellent, such a hearty meal for a cold day. My cod was fantastic, it was beautifully crisp on the outside and fell apart inside. Something that made the dish even better was the pan fried cauliflower as I ordinarily hate the stuff. Pan fried cauliflower though made it a triumph. 

My Cod

Joanne's Cottage Pie

For dessert we decided to share a "Bread and Butter Pudding with Christmas pudding ice cream". I have been trying for years to get Joanne to eat this pudding, but she has always shied away as she is not a big fan of custard based desserts. This time however she changed her opinion she loved it! The Christmas pudding ice cream was a nice addition and had me salivating for my mothers Christmas pudding on Christmas day. 

Bread & Butter Pudding with Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

The meal was absolutely delicious I could not fault the place. The food and especially the staff are a credit to this restaurant, it may look small from the outside but it is a heavyweight star inside. I would love to get back there this year, or even try out their new sister restaurant Mr. Fox on Parnell Square. I would like to mention if you are like Joanne and love L'Occitane, their bathrooms have all manner of nice stuff from them, I thought I should mention that.

Let me know if you have been here, did you like it? Or if you end up going tell me how you get on.

The Pig's Ear

Today I was listening to Josh Ritter's "So Runs The World Away" album.



  1. Hi Will

    Thanks for the review. I booked it for Frank's birthday as a result and we had a fantastic meal last night!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for reading, I love it so I have to share the love !


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