Water Bread - An Experiment

Today I wanted to experiment a little with a bread very similar to James Morton's focaccia recipe found here. I did however want to make an easy loaf for sandwiches tomorrow, because it is back to work day after Christmas. I didn't want a particularly oily bread like focaccia so I made a few changes. Now the first thing I will say is the above loaf on the whole does not look overly amazing or anything but as you will see at the end it creates quite a nice airy loaf. This recipe requires very little work which I love when it comes to making bread.


500g Strong Flour
420g Tepid Water
7g Sachet of Dried Yeast
10g Salt

How you make it:

1) Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl, keeping the salt and yeast separated.

2) Add the water and oil, mix up all the ingredients in to a smooth paste. Note this is not like any bread dough you may have normally made. Cover with clingfilm and leave to double in a warm place for 40 minutes.

3) Wet your hands with some cold water.  Scoop them down between the dough and bowl, lifting the dough away from the side of the bowl. Then, fold the dough over itself, pressing down quite hard. Do this until you have gone round the entire bowl. Leave to proof again for 50 mins.

4) After the 50 mins transfer to a lined tin ( I used a 18cm round tin ) and proof for a final 50 mins. 

5) Pre heat the oven to 220 c ( 210 c Fan Assisted ).

6) Bake the loaf for 28 mins.

And.. you are done, pretty easy loaf all round, try it out let me know what you think. Bear in mind its really simple and just a good staple bread.

Thanks for reading