Weekend in Wicklow - Time for Reflection

Following on from my last post about our weekend in Limerick, we decided a few weeks back to treat ourselves to a weekend in Wicklow staying in The Powerscourt Hotel. The trip may sound extravagant to you reading this but this little weekend was meant as a last hurrah on a crazy year that 2016 was,  a closing of chapter in our lives and the start of a new one. I am currently working on writing a post about what these past 2 and a half years have meant to me and Joanne. I have discussed bits and pieces on here over 2015/2016 (in the one or two posts I actually wrote) but for this post I have one line written so far, "IVF and Our Story". It will be a long post,  a very long one and it won't be written like this one in an evening, so bear with me I hope to have it written in full by the end of February.

Ok so back to the weekend, it actually turned out that we got a decent enough deal at Powerscourt that included an evening meal in the Sugar Loaf Lounge and breakfast the following morning. We have heard so many good things about Powerscourt from friends and family,  we felt it was perfect for our little getaway. In the summer of last year we visited the Powerscourt gardens, I decided to take my mum there for her birthday, she was blown away by the gardens so we knew we would have to get back there sooner rather than later. The Powerscourt Hotel is on the grounds of the gardens, so we have passed by it plenty of times. Arriving Sunday afternoon ( we took Monday off) the first thing I noticed when we arrived was how nice the staff were, so polite, friendly and helpful. Somehow we got an upgrade to the room, I think I had said it was Joanne's birthday when I booked, Joanne always makes me do things like that. The room was top notch, very fancy and had a stunning view.

Room View

Joanne said to me that afternoon, we really don't appreciate it sometimes but we live in a seriously beautiful country. When we originally booked the deal it was for their SIKA restaurant but as it turned out they needed to do urgent renovations last weekend so we were moved to the Sugarloaf Lounge. The lounge is more of a lunch / bar style food, and that being said it was still delicious food. Joanne ordered the smoked salmon tartare, I ordered the soup and we both ordered the baked chicken for mains.

The meal was delicious, we could not fault it. I had ordered the soup as I am still eating healthily, the bowl was huge but I was quite hungry so it was woofed down with the chicken. We knew the breakfast would be amazing the following day so we pushed the boat out a little bit more and ordered room service. That idea turned out to be a great decision, good lord it was lovely, especially the fried potatoes.  It was worth every Weight Watchers point thats 1000% sure.

The Breakfast

The morning view

I will definitely be talking about Powerscourt for a while, it was the perfect weekend in such a beautiful part of the world, a world we are 40 mins away from. The lead picture above though is not Powerscourt that is Glendalough. We decided that as we were in the area it would be really nice to head out there while it would most likely be very quiet. There was the odd person but it was nearly as if we had the place to ourselves on such a stunning day weather wise. We had not been out in quite sometime, but it is such a great place for thought and reflection when you are in the presence of sheer beauty. Joanne took most these pictures below, they are just so lovely.

Such an excellent weekend we had, I love Wicklow, I recommend you head there soon, Glendalough is free and has so much to offer. Not pictured here is our trip to Avoca in Kilmacanogue on the way back. It is our favourite of all Avocas, I can't wait to get back there in the spring to stock up on flowers and veg for our garden, because their selection is superb.

This blog was written while listening to Kiernan McMullan's album "Two Years". 

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Thank you all for reading I really appreciate it. This is my 11th post this month I am really enjoying blogging again, the last time I have written so much is October 2013 when I was in the middle of the Irish Bake Off. Please stay tuned and bear with me, I am a little off kilter and late with my posts this week so apologies.



  1. Great blog. I'm enjoying the posts. Follow Karen's but I'm a real foodie so was delighted to come across this.


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