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A Big Brother is the first friend you will have, he is also the first person to beat the crap out of you

The lights go off, the chilling music hits from my Grundig double tape deck his "Entrance music" blares through the house.... "DONG DONG DONG" and my brother comes in to the bedroom dressed like The Undertaker, he is wearing my old communion blazer and a trilby type hat my dad had. The Undertaker being a popular WWF wrestler in the 90's. I am already in the bedroom dressed like a normal person why would I being playing dress up at 14 years of age for god sake ... haha. The lights go on, Willstev Wrestling Federation is about to happen in our shared bedroom in our parents semi detached house in Limerick with every bloody creaky floor in the world. My mum is already telling us to calm it down upstairs, but to us both it was Madison Square Garden and she was a fan! We notoriously did this nearly every single night of the week, Steve is 4 years younger than me an…

Picking a restaurant with Will

I actually have deleted what I was just about to write and say in this blog because half way through I started talking about a subject I felt I should write about. I am without a shadow of doubt the most anal person when it comes to picking a restaurant, so much so it drives Joanne around the bend. She only said to me on Monday " Do you fancy going for food this Friday ", my reply as always is " of course! but leave it with me", those words strike fear in to Joanne. Joanne knows she will spend the remainder of the week asking me the same question "have you picked a place yet" to which I will respond "I see a few places but I am still thinking". Now don't get it twisted we don't go for food often, but when we do I have to research and research and research some more before I am happy with my first choice. Then that first choice will most likely get canned and I will have changed my mind soon after. Joanne is cute though ( cute in this se…

IVF & Our Story Part 4 - The long goodbye

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
Robert Frost

That title for some reason makes me think of the Paul Brady song, I am not a fan but for some reason that song is stuck in my head this evening. I promised last week I would finish up with this post, I want to tie up some loose ends about the whole fertility thing, between then and now, perception and next steps. I could spend weeks thanking people for their kindness and advice since I started writing about our story. I could have never have dreamed i'd get such a response. It is one of those things that is not spoken about enough, from my perspective a male one or even to a high degree on the female side. There is a…

Sporki Macaroni - Croatian Dirty Pasta

You know it is rare I make something myself and think Jesus that was so damn good. I am not a big fan of my own cooking, I don't why but I am never able to appreciate the food I make myself. This past weekend though stumbling through Rick Stein's Venice to Istanbul book I came across this absolutely class recipe for something called Sporki. It was a match made in heaven, the sauce is like some sort of casserole stew coupled with pasta. Sporki roughly translates as "Dirty" in Croatian, damn those Croatians know good food if it is all like this. The recipe is below, I highly recommend Rick Steins Venice to Istanbul book, in fact all his books, they are generally chock full with great interesting recipes. 

Makes 4 servings
15ml Olive oil 200g Lean beef, cut in to small enough cubes ( I used beef medallions ) 3 Red onions, roughly chopped 3 Carrots, sliced 1 Bay leaf Salt & Pepper Pinch of chilli flakes 1 Tbsp tomato puree 2 Cloves garlic, finely chopped 1…

Donal Skehan's Cottage Pie

I have to admit for so long I wasn't all that impressed by Donal Skehan, I just didn't get it. I felt his cooking wasn't aimed at someone like me, I think most of his cooking was aimed at a younger audience or more beginner type of cooking which is fair enough. Although over the past year I have really enjoyed making some of his recipes on, they are very accessible and make for very easy and in the most part quick cooking. This recipe below has to be one of Joanne's and mine favourites to make, it is a bog standard cottage pie but it is bloody good. If you love good comfort food this is most definitely for you.  Give it a go you will not be disappointed and it is easy to make. 
Donal's Recipe is here:
Donal's recipe is a Shepherd's Pie as he uses lamb but mine is a Cottage Pie as I use beef.
2 tbsp of olive oil1 onion chopped finely3 carrots chopped small 700g m…

Five Guys

You could be forgiven for thinking that this blog is primarily all about IVF and burgers of late but I feel I need to review Five Guys on here. This past weekend I had the chance in London to have one of their burgers at the o2 arena(We escorted the ladies to Strictly Come Dancing). I sound like an absolute weirdo but I have had Five Guys in Manchester, Dublin and London, each time they have tasted different, which doesn't seem right does it as I always get the same order. The first time I experienced Five Guys was in the Trafford Centre, Manchester back in November 2014. It was bloody incredible, a taste sensation, it had everything, the burger, the gorgeous chips, the music and flavoured Coke (yes flavoured Coke). Me and my brother were blown away and left in a Five Guys induced coma, it was that damn good. We certainly believed that we had just eaten one of  the best burgers ever.... I think that was 3 months before we had Bunsen for the first time. Bunsen took over that mantl…

IVF & Our Story - Part 3

We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was April 2016, and I had decided on the off chance to call the clinic IVFSpain in Alicante. The day I called them I got through to some one who was a British ex-pat, so it was easy to talk through our previous treatment and what we were looking for. They ran through a number of possible options we had available to us, but the best thing we needed to do was go over and speak with the doctors in person. I called Joanne, I told her everything about my call and without hesitation she said let's do it, let's at least meet them when we are over in Alicante in May for our annual family trip, what was there to lose. Over the next few weeks the clinic in Spain sent on a lot of material for us to read to through and prep for our meeting, they also asked us to gather up our full medical history from our Irish clinic and forward it on to them so they could analyse our past before we arrived in May…

Bunsen, Temple Bar, Dublin

Just take a look at that burger... it is incredible. 

Last Friday we decided to treat ourselves to a burger in Bunsen, Temple Bar. Bunsen is a chain in Dublin of which there are 3, Temple Bar, Wexford Street and South Anne Street. I say this with confidence, every burger I have eaten at Bunsen confirms for me that they are the greatest burgers I have ever eaten. Sure I like Rockets, they are nice burgers, but Bunsen are like heaven in a bun. People speak about Five Guys being amazing, it pales in comparison to this place.

Sweet potato fries
Bunsen has the most simple of menus, thread bare and written on the back of a business card. They make burgers with sheer perfection, from the delicious brioche style bun to the amazing meat, it is simply put as calling their burgers "Flawless". Bear in mind this is not a sponsored post, but I would happily sell my soul to be paid in the form of burgers for the rest of my time on this planet if I could. Despite the fact I am following the …

IVF & Our Story - Part 2

I am thankful for our struggle because without it we wouldn't have stumbled  across our strengths.
Unknown author

On the 19th of August 2015, 2 weeks before we went on our holidays to Spain we had our first appointment with the fertility clinic in Dublin.  In the days that lead up to the appointment we had become so excited, not so much nervous just sheer excitement. As if we were about to receive the keys to the kingdom of parenthood, this was it,  this was the fix to everything that had held us back since we started trying. The day arrived and we met with our fertility doctor, it was a long detailed chat and full analysis of our medical history. The meeting ended after about an hour, the doctor delivered a wave of information on fertility options available to us based on our tests, we were so bombarded with the level of information it became so overwhelming. In essence you are led all your life to think you have sex without protection, hay presto you better get the pram and nappies …

My Favourite Avoca Salad

I will be the first to admit ordinarily I cannot stand salads and I am not the biggest fan of vegetables. It is 100% my dad's fault I am like this, he used to hide cauliflower under my mashed potatoes as a kid and force me to eat it... I still despise cauliflower, even its smell. I was never one even as a child to eat fruit either, the odd apple or orange and if it was an apple it would be drowned in sugar, that was delicious. As I have grown older, I do eat more vegetables, more or less primarily for meal bulking especially when on a diet. On Weight Watchers you need to eat every vegetable under the sun so that is why you need to bulk out your meals with them.  I am on WW right now, for 4th time in as many years. I have a purpose for it this year, I am my brother's best man in August so I have plenty of time to get trim and eat all of the vegetables.
At the moment I am obsessed with Avoca's salads, it is probably because I have been to their shop in Kilmacanogue twice ov…