Bunsen, Temple Bar, Dublin

Just take a look at that burger... it is incredible. 

Last Friday we decided to treat ourselves to a burger in Bunsen, Temple Bar. Bunsen is a chain in Dublin of which there are 3, Temple Bar, Wexford Street and South Anne Street. I say this with confidence, every burger I have eaten at Bunsen confirms for me that they are the greatest burgers I have ever eaten. Sure I like Rockets, they are nice burgers, but Bunsen are like heaven in a bun. People speak about Five Guys being amazing, it pales in comparison to this place.

Sweet potato fries

Bunsen has the most simple of menus, thread bare and written on the back of a business card. They make burgers with sheer perfection, from the delicious brioche style bun to the amazing meat, it is simply put as calling their burgers "Flawless". Bear in mind this is not a sponsored post, but I would happily sell my soul to be paid in the form of burgers for the rest of my time on this planet if I could. Despite the fact I am following the Weight Watchers programme, I made room in my points last week for a hamburger, a Peroni and some sweet potato fries. I am slowly coming around to the sweet potato, it has never been my favorite but Jesus these were delicious. 

I could not recommend going here enough. Give yourself some time in the busy parts of the evening as they could literally be out the door with a queue. I guess that is the only downside, having to wait to get in. 



  1. Agree Bunsen is the place to go for a burger. Everytime I go to Dublin I go there. Amazing!


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