Five Guys

You could be forgiven for thinking that this blog is primarily all about IVF and burgers of late but I feel I need to review Five Guys on here. This past weekend I had the chance in London to have one of their burgers at the o2 arena(We escorted the ladies to Strictly Come Dancing). I sound like an absolute weirdo but I have had Five Guys in Manchester, Dublin and London, each time they have tasted different, which doesn't seem right does it as I always get the same order. The first time I experienced Five Guys was in the Trafford Centre, Manchester back in November 2014. It was bloody incredible, a taste sensation, it had everything, the burger, the gorgeous chips, the music and flavoured Coke (yes flavoured Coke). Me and my brother were blown away and left in a Five Guys induced coma, it was that damn good. We certainly believed that we had just eaten one of  the best burgers ever.... I think that was 3 months before we had Bunsen for the first time. Bunsen took over that mantle with immediate effect.

Five Guys Manchester - Look at it! Gorgeous!

All of sudden mid 2015, the hype of Five Guys arrived in Dublin. In turn I was hyped! I couldn't wait, those burgers with my brother in Manchester were unbelievable, I needed them in my life again. The wait seemed like forever as they took lifetime to find a place to open in Dublin. If I remember correctly they opened in Victoria Square Belfast first in Christmas 2015. Yes I was obsessed I remember such dates. I was so tempted to drive up under the guise of taking Joanne to the Belfast Christmas market, just so I could have Five Guys. Look up loser in the dictionary I will be there. They finally opened in Dundrum, I think in September 2016, every news outlet or social media site covered it as if it was a momentous occasion, with queues out the door for this taste of Americana. The burger revolution from the US of A had arrived in little old Dublin. I decided to wait a few weeks, I wanted the queues to die down a bit first. I am not adverse to queuing for a burger especially if it was worth it, but I wanted to go with my brother again the next time he was back in Dublin. 

Five Guys Dublin - Not so gorgeous!

The day we went the queues had not started yet, it was 12pm so we figured it wouldn't be too busy. There may have been no queue outside but it was psychotic inside, absolutely packed. I may have loved the music the last time as it was a large open space at the Trafford Centre, but this time around with a packed restaurant in a small space blaring choons! I thought I was going to crack up, maybe I am getting old but my brother who is 4 years younger than me felt the very same. We ordered the exact same meal, only this time there was no such thing as flavoured Coke. Steve was not happy with this outcome, I still take the piss out of him about it, the little things like that bother him. The overriding factor though was the burger just didn't seem as good, the chips were bloody amazing but the burger was maybe a 5 out of 10. Me and Steve left gutted ( gutted about burgers, see the earlyier reference about being a loser) , our better halves thought what the hell were we on about saying these burgers were as amazing as we had made out. Bad burgers and unhappy women do not mix!

Five Guys o2 Arena London - Burger King-esque

So cut back to last weekend, my brother in law had never eaten Five Guys before so it was the perfect oppportunity to have an ol taste test at the o2. The place was packed but the service was slow, much slower than the usual Five Guys I had been to. This time there was no blaring music at all which was good, I could hear myself think. I ordered the usual burger, mustard, ketchup and pickles, a winning combo. I was hoping for that Manchester burger taste sensation again but alas it certainly wasn't. It was dry and felt I was eating a bog standard burger from McDonalds or Burger King. My brother in law was of the same opinion, it was grand, it filled a hole. The one upside was their amazing Malt Shake but hey that is supplementary to the star of the show. 

If you read this blog post you are probably thinking Jesus how can he rumble on about burgers so much and you would be right but I love them. Just check out my Bunsen post from 2 weeks ago linked here. There is also a market out there for reviewing one thing you love and one thing only, check out the Chicken Connoisseur on YouTube I should do this with burgers, I would be no where near as cool as this lad however. I will divide opinion here as so many people love Five Guys but I may as well be honest and give you my opinion.