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How do you keep the clock ticking?

If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to  give 100% and never stop believing in your dream.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are days I wake up and I feel time has ground to a halt. The second hand has ticked it's last tock. Let me explain. You see I am someone that plans absolutely everything in life, I am a planner of the most mi(NUTE) of details, every single thing planned out long in advance. Money, holidays, meetings with friends ( yes I am that dickhead who plans a social gathering of sorts 2 months in advance), meetings in work, every single second of my day in work infact (bar the inevitable distractions and diversions) is planned, pure clockwork. The problem is though sometimes that clock is going so fast it looks like it has stopped. Not possible I know, I would surely fail a physics exam. It As a concept though it is possible, the clock needs new a lease of life or just a battery. I feel every single day I want to come on here and write but don't sometimes as…

St. Anthony's B&B - Westport - Mayo

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of some friends in Westport. I have never been to this part of Mayo, in fact my only experiences of the county are Knock and driving through Castlebar years ago on the way to see family in Leitrim. The journey is a long one from Dublin but it is 100% worth it. The views and scenery in the area are stunning especially as you come in to Westport you can see the bay and Clare Island in the distance. Westport is also dominated by the view of  Croagh Patrick, the peak itself has a chapel at the summit believed to be from around the time of St. Patrick himself. I feel though I cannot give Westport its true justice in the form of a blog yet, as all I did was attend a wedding in the Castlecourt Hotel and go for a spin the Sunday morning toward the coast. I know for a fact though I will definitely be back with Joanne in the summer. For some reason like a good chunk of Kerry, Dingle namely, Mayo has eluded me but not for much longer. 

What I…

Tales of a Fat Boy - 96'-17' - Part 2

Working on myself  by myself  for myself

I wrote this today firstly during my lunch break. Then I arrived home this evening and had an epiphany to delete the whole article. Sometimes when you want to tell a story you have to pivot in multiple directions, dependent on mood and circumstance. When I wrote the deleted blog post it was rushed during my lunch break, that was my first mistake. I feel I am not meant to write or don't want to write in a hasty manner, hastiness leads to poor quality. In fact every single school report when I was kid all bore the same complaint, "Willem needs to be less hasty in his work, he has plenty of enthusiasm but he rushes his work". I have so many memories to rifle through albeit mostly blurred ones but some times the memories all merge in to one overall topic that I want to dissect, but sometimes the dissection can only go so far unless I went and wrote a book, being frank my skill of writing is no better than an average primary school kid a…

Where to eat in London - Warning Picture Heavy

You would think with that title I was a seasoned traveller to London, I have been twice in 3 years so what the heck do I know. Well what I do know is before we went to London back in February I did my research on some of the best places to eat while we were there. If I am going to go somewhere that has lots of food options I want to make the best out of the trip. I remember ever since the first time I went to London with my parents to visit family back in 1991, London was bloody amazing for food. Back then we used to get the Slattery's coach from outside Spaight's in Limerick City, it would take you all the way to Victoria Station via a very rocky ferry. I remember puking my ring up the whole way over to Pembroke, I hate boats. We stayed in Walthamstow with my mum's cousin and we had all manner of foods. There were a lot of firsts that holiday, my first ever Pizza Hut, there was no such thing in Limerick. In fact it was the time where by if the pizza delivery guy was late…

Tales of a Fat Boy - 88'-96' - Part 1

Sweat is your fat crying!

I am hoping that I can put the keyboard to good use again with this little blog series.  I hope this post will help every body conscious person out there reading this, I will be covering this topic over 2 parts. This is something very close to my heart, you see I have always been the fat boy especially when I was younger. So to begin I was not born fat, I wasn't even a chubby baby, I was a happy reasonably sized little guy, unlike now, 6ft 5 and old writing stories about my childhood. There was a point of course as young boy where I started to put on weight, I seemed to get larger with every passing year. In fact there was a time every year I grew older,  I would weigh the same as my age, for example when I was 13 years old I weighed 13 stone so on and so forth.  I think it was around senior infants the teasing started, I had become the fat boy of the class. 
My nickname at the time was Earthquake at 6 years of age, it is mad I still remember that. Earthq…

Brother Part 2

When it comes to preemies Everyday counts It is not a countdown It is a Count Up!

I wanted to write my "Brother" post last week as a lead in for my brother Steve to guest post this week, I am very proud of the little fecker so please have a read below. Over to you Steve…
My name is Steve and I am Will's younger brother. As Will explained last week I am here to continue his story. We seem to be the most unlucky family in the world in some respects sometimes and both of us have some really bad times over the past 3 years, hopefully I can give you an insight in to my story with fertility and babies. I set up a blog 4 weeks ago at, I want to document a virtual walk from Newport, Co. Tipperary to London in the United Kingdom in aid of NMH (National Maternity Foundation) at Holles Street. Over these next 15 weeks I intend on walking 695km virtually, I won't be swimming the channel it is all virtual. The question is though why am I doing this? Well I…