How do you keep the clock ticking?

If you want to turn a vision into reality, you have to 
give 100% and never stop believing in your dream.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are days I wake up and I feel time has ground to a halt. The second hand has ticked it's last tock. Let me explain. You see I am someone that plans absolutely everything in life, I am a planner of the most mi(NUTE) of details, every single thing planned out long in advance. Money, holidays, meetings with friends ( yes I am that dickhead who plans a social gathering of sorts 2 months in advance), meetings in work, every single second of my day in work infact (bar the inevitable distractions and diversions) is planned, pure clockwork. The problem is though sometimes that clock is going so fast it looks like it has stopped. Not possible I know, I would surely fail a physics exam. It As a concept though it is possible, the clock needs new a lease of life or just a battery. I feel every single day I want to come on here and write but don't sometimes as I don't know what to say, I do think in fact, no I believe, it would help slow me down a bit and give me a much needed outlet to express my thoughts on my life. The phase of life I am in leads me to want to do so much. I figure if I don't fuck this life thing up I have hopefully got some years left in the tank yet to do something worthwhile rather plan the whole thing away. Joanne always says to me that I don't enjoy the journey in waiting for something, she loves the whole lead up to holidays. I hate it, no I despise it, because all I want is to be there sitting in the sun on holiday. Not for one second do I enjoy the drudgery of the lead up. Although maybe like the clock scenario now I am getting older maybe I need to learn to the enjoy the everyday more or I won't have done anything by the time I am done on this rock and I will be dust like everyone else who has walked on it.

Of late anytime I get like this I have found a video that spurs me on like never before. It re-invigorates me and all I want to do is stuff, what stuff? I don't know but stuff. I wish I had the balls to be a filmmaker, just making Youtube videos, but what would I make, who would bother watching it. There are plenty of Youtube filmmakers out there making anything and everything, filming their everyday lives, people watch them even if they are vlogging something mundane. The obvious choice is the route of the whole cooking thing but I think I have compartmentalised that now as being a closed chapter of my life. It was an incredible part of my life but I thirst for something more than churning out videos of me making a cake, it is not for me. I want to do something that people find interesting and want to watch, a bit like this place. There also times where I have thought I would love to get back into podcasting. I did it for a little while with my brother and brother in law, despite having great fun with good content, the recording platform melted my brain. I am not a perfectionist, remember my school reports : "Mr. Sloppy McSlopperson". For the podcast however it was nearly impossible to get right sound wise, it always sounded off filled with more snap, crackles and pops than Rice Krispies. As a very big podcast listener I felt that would drive me insane if I was listening to it, so needless to say the podcast was put on hiatus. That being said I would love to do a podcast with Joanne on regular stuff even just once a week, on what? again I don't know but I need to do something. I spent nearly 2 hours last night trying to figure out how I could do it technically with the equipment I have. As much as that Casey Neistat video has re-invigorated me this blog since January has done the very same.

When I started out in January I did not expect to be interviewed with Joanne in The Irish Times on a topic we guarded so closely to our hearts. It is incredible to me that people even engaged as much as they did on the topic of fertility, being a man I would have not expected that response to something as rooted in the female world as it is. The article itself however is an indicator that if I put my mind to something many amazing things can come from it all. This blog was dead in January, closed for business, it has however evolved greatly since then (yes it is a bit rich for me to say so but I do believe it has). It is no longer a food blog let's be honest, it is so much more than that, or least I want it to be so much more than that. The distraction which is what it was meant to be has turned into a driving force behind me again and platform for me to want to grow from. I have thought that I would actually like to rename the site so if you have suggestions let me know, I am terrible at being creative like that, I don't think The Cook's Belly works anymore. I do know though I enjoy writing again, I still think back to a few years ago being told writing is finished, they were wrong.

My original point, the clock is not tick tocking along because I know I need to fix it. I am going to build on this blog revival, how ? well I am not there yet, but expect something to happen soon, see I already sound like a Youtuber, they always say " I am working on a secret project". The something could be literally me on my own doing a podcast on something obscure as the blue tits that live in the tree in my back garden. If you would have any podcast suggestions bombard with them, or would you read a more of weekly / daily thoughts driven blog post. Anyway let me know, give me feedback on what you hate ( note I said hate first because I am one pessimistic fucker ) or like about my blog, my writing, podcasts or delving into the Youtube world. All I want is to :

Do More...


  1. Right Wilbert, unsolicited advice time! Now, you want to create content that people will enjoy and that absolutely makes sense, but it's important to create content that you enjoy. Only if you love what you're writing about or filming will you actually want to do it and continue to be inspired long term. You wonder about people and who would bother watching your videos and this is where I'd tell you to start watching Gary Vee's videos. Even have them on in the background when you're doing other stuff. He says that yeah you can make a video and have thousands watching, and that's great, but you could have a video and 20 people could watch, one of whom could be the director of a company interested in what you do. Make videos and content for them, for that one person who might want to work with you, for the people who might get inspired by you, who might want to help you. Whatever you do, do it. Gary said something that resonated with me so much recently and he said that so many of us are afraid to do things in case people might not like us, might not watch us or read what we right. But what's even worse is 10 or 20 years down the road, sitting on your couch having done nothing because of fear.

    Not having a niche or a main focus in what you want to do is grand. It means your options are wide open and just because you write about one topic doesn't mean you cant expand. Just start writing. Just start filming. Some people will watch and some wont. You'll have documented parts of your life for yourself and Joanne and us lot. You never know unless you try so just start trying and see what happens!

    The end ;P Also, watch Gary Vee now ok bye

    1. Class just class Karen, thank you! I have been watching him a lot since you went to see him last month. It was weird, just like Casey Neistat at the start it took me a while to warm to him for some reason but they both make so much sense alot of the time, especially GaryVee. I just feel I have so much I want to do but let myself sit back and not do it getting closer to that point of being sat in front of the couch in 20 years having done nothing. I also get afraid of the hate but need to ignore that if I am ever to do anything.


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