Where to eat in London - Warning Picture Heavy

You would think with that title I was a seasoned traveller to London, I have been twice in 3 years so what the heck do I know. Well what I do know is before we went to London back in February I did my research on some of the best places to eat while we were there. If I am going to go somewhere that has lots of food options I want to make the best out of the trip. I remember ever since the first time I went to London with my parents to visit family back in 1991, London was bloody amazing for food. Back then we used to get the Slattery's coach from outside Spaight's in Limerick City, it would take you all the way to Victoria Station via a very rocky ferry. I remember puking my ring up the whole way over to Pembroke, I hate boats. We stayed in Walthamstow with my mum's cousin and we had all manner of foods. There were a lot of firsts that holiday, my first ever Pizza Hut, there was no such thing in Limerick. In fact it was the time where by if the pizza delivery guy was late you would get money off or free, I remember him being seconds late and my mum's cousin arguing with him to say it should be free. I also had my first curry with plenty of Tizer, great times. I will never forget going to John Lewis, my mum and dad had absolutely massive pancakes, the likes I had never seen before. If you asked my dad today he will still say the pancakes were unbelieveable. 

The first stop when we arrived in London back in February was Borough Market, Joanne and myself literally ran there because we love it having been there in 2012. The food selection is incredible, there is everything you could possibly want. It can be found here: 

Next up on the food journey of London was to visit a cracking English pub near the Borough Market by the name of the Wheatsheaf. It was very hipstery but they did fantastic bitters and even more importantly great food. I had the Beef Dumplings in gravy, sweet potato mash with pickled slaw, absolutely delicious! You can find them here: www.wheatsheafborough.co.uk

For breakfast the following morning we had the chance to go to The Breakfast Club, found here: https://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com/. What a great place it is kitted out with such old decor from cafes back in the 60's / 70s. But by god I had the best breakfast I have ever eaten here, it was buttermilk chicken, gravy, maple syrup and chilli butter. I am still drooling writing that! Utterly amazing food!

That afternoon we walked to Harrods from London bridge ( a bloody long walk ) for tea and cake, I have been dying to do this for years ever since the last time I was in London. It is so bloody posh here, and dear but the cake is great with a really good selection of different teas. If we go back to London soon, I would love to have afternoon tea here. You can find them here: 

Joanne's Blackcurrant Parfait

My Napoleon

That evening my brother in law stumbled across a really good Spanish Tapas place by the name of Brindisa. Top notch tapas and reasonably priced too which is always good so you can have loads of Tapas. My faves that night were the pan con tomate, and patatas bravas. You can find them here: https://www.brindisakitchens.com/restaurant/tapas-brindisa-london-bridge/

The following morning Joanne and myself had an early lunch in Selfridges at the Brass Rail. The Brass Rail is renowned for their salt beef. We also grabbed some cakes having perused all the fancy cake vendors in the food hall. You can find Selfridges here: www.selfridges.com

Joanne's Salt Beef Sandwich

My Pulled Beef Sandwich

I hope you enjoyed this food porn tour of London. I cannot wait to go back to London, there so many places to go and so much good food to eat. If it interests you I have linked my previous trips to London below.