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Wishing life away

Ooh, you're moving too fast and I don't think it's right I'm not giving you my love tonight Now, ooh, you're moving too fast Better sit back, relax
The Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast

Today is one of those days where the smallest of things makes you think, holy shit where did the last 17 years ago. Do not get me wrong I love where my life is at, I have an awesome wife, a roof over of my head and a decent job, so I am beyond thankful from where I sit on my couch. It's just I have done a few things this weekend that have made me think a bit more about my childhood. You know the way you remember some vague things as you get older as to what you did when you were younger but when you actually work on something (namely my best man speech this weekend) it brings so much flooding back. I used to challenge my mum and dad when I was a kid as to what they remember of their childhood, and they would always say "Willem I really don't remember anymore, I have forgo…

There is an elephant in the room

When there is an elephant in the room, you can't pretend it is not there and just discuss the ants.
Ellen Wittlinger.

Wow it is nearly two weeks since I last blogged and I don't think my post advertising our new podcast counts. I have had plenty of time to blog but I think for the first time in 4 months I have a slight writers block. Ok I am not a writer I am a blogger, but surely that is still as worthy as other forms of written word. I think over the past few months I have actually tried to move away from the blogging term, but why should I? A blogger is what I am and that is what this website is, a blog of my thoughts, my live public diary. More closely to home I saw last week in a completely different world to mine, the beauty blogging world no less people challenging blogging authenticity. I would hate to think my blog was not being authentic, it is probably the only thing I could sell myself on, being authentic. Blogging can so often be disrespected by so many as it is an e…

Meet the De Kortes - Welcome to our new Podcast

So here we go our first podcast is now live we hope you enjoy it !
Please listen and be gentle it is our fist time doing it.