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We are here.

Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of never trying.

Hello there,
Jesus I have gotten bad again at the old writing. I know why though, it is because it seems like everything is blooming on these past 2 months. You know that feeling where you would love two weekends back to back of doing sod all, I dream of those at the moment. There is no let up either, don't get me wrong I love being busy it is great, it serves my mind very well. I have two weddings upcoming and our holidays, something of which for the first time in my life I have not been obsessing about, the holidays that is. Generally by now I have the case out on the bed semi packed, yeah I love packing the case well in advance, I am that special person. I digress though,  it is not that I don't want to go on holiday but more so because I have not had a chance to think about it.

As a result of the busyness and the introduction of our podcast "Meet The Dekortes" ( < cheap plug) I have not had a chance …