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I was on the telly

You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

This year is the fourth year since I was on the telly for nearly 8 weeks in a row. Sometimes I think to myself how the hell that even happen, I was on the telly. Yes I say the telly, I could be all uber correct and call it the television but I would rather stick to what I call it. On the 13th of September 2013, my life changed immeasurably because I listened to Joanne for once. She made me apply to be a contestant on the Great Irish Bake Off, she bugged and plagued that absolute life out of me to enter in November 2012. Me listening to her was one of those moments in your life like the quote at the top of the page that changed everything.
I rarely speak about the Great Irish Bake Off or for the purposes of this blog post GIBO. It is like one of those things that you do in life and decide to close the book on or place neatly into your bottom drawer and lock it away for safe keeping but don't go back to it. In work I am …


No matter how you feel…Get up. Dress up. Show up.  And never Give up.
Regina Brett

It has been a few months since I last wrote on here, I let all my time be consumed by other side projects. I don't think I can technically call my brothers wedding a side project but I had best man duties to care of, Summer holidays with Joanne and the big day itself of course my Brother's wedding day.  An insane few months but I loved every second of it especially my best man speech and the months of prep I put in to the video presentation. Although with that like a bolt from the blue my whole year changed as did my family's year. I thought this year was going to be one of those years that would be different to the past two, being an adult is not easy sometimes. I am still only getting used to what it is like to lose someone to illness, I think I have been some what fortunate up until now to have not experienced too many close passings of family and friends. That sounds awfully morbid but it …