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Male View - The Eight Amendment - Repeal or Not

This country as it is suffers  from many mental health problems  we need to make it better if we can  not worse by burying our heads  in the sand and say "sure it will be grand"

This is my perspective and opinion you may agree or disagree, that is perfectly fine on what stance you take. The one thing I have learned and tried to foster for myself this year is to challenge my own opinion, I have tried to learn from rival opinions to see if there was the smallest modicum of what they are arguing and understand why they have taken such a stance. I have already spoken about this subject in detail on our podcast linked at the bottom of this post. Let me state I am not an SJW, I am not a activist or affiliated to any political party and I am not a white knight, all I am is a normal (enough) guy.
Yesterday sat in traffic down in Limerick I noticed two guys erecting another "No" campaign placard. Just like Dublin everywhere is littered with No posters. In fact today driving bac…