Male View - The Eight Amendment - Repeal or Not

This country as it is suffers
 from many mental health problems
 we need to make it better if we can
 not worse by burying our heads
 in the sand and say "sure it will be grand"

This is my perspective and opinion you may agree or disagree, that is perfectly fine on what stance you take. The one thing I have learned and tried to foster for myself this year is to challenge my own opinion, I have tried to learn from rival opinions to see if there was the smallest modicum of what they are arguing and understand why they have taken such a stance. I have already spoken about this subject in detail on our podcast linked at the bottom of this post. Let me state I am not an SJW, I am not a activist or affiliated to any political party and I am not a white knight, all I am is a normal (enough) guy.

Yesterday sat in traffic down in Limerick I noticed two guys erecting another "No" campaign placard. Just like Dublin everywhere is littered with No posters. In fact today driving back to the train station in limerick I counted 22 No campaign placard sand only 5 Repeal campaign placards. The campaign for retaining the 8th Amendment seems to be far more concerted than the repeal side. As the two gentlemen were finished erecting the placard they turned to us in the car at the traffic lights and gave us two thumbs up. Moments prior I had said to my brother, maybe these two were just the guys who erect placards as a service but when we got the thumbs up I reconsidered that maybe these gentlemen were very much in support of the No vote.  Let us begin, I sound like a priest saying "Let us pray" I will get back to that later.  I firstly understand where the No campaigners are coming from as being honest there are very small aspects of what they think that I agree upon. The campaign thus far though is sickening, I am forced to look at bullshit posters on a daily basis about voting no and the complete rubbish they propagate. I can't even turn on a UK based radio app I listen to and every single morning I am greeted with a No campaign video at 6.15am it's being shoved down my throat. 

Up till maybe 6 months ago I was firmly in the "I don't know camp" what to vote for, fuck I firmly believed I am a man I am not going to vote in this whole referendum, it has got nothing to do with me, it is not like I have a vagina or womb to bear children. Then I decided to educate myself, I wanted to understand exactly what the whole thing meant to repeal the 8th. There are 1000's of people out there who were like me they don't know how to vote, they don't know the intricacies of what we are being asked to repeal. You couple indecision and these rubbish placards you are either going to be turned off the referendum or vote No.  You know the placards, like these utter lies ( thankfully I believe the top part of the picture is photoshopped in):

Even outside my local church down in the area I grew up in Limerick they have lovely big "No" campaign posters. I will state this for posterity, I have always revered my local church, school and community I am from as well as my faith in Catholicism. Over the past few years however my faith has dwindled and when I see continued support for the No campaign by the Catholic church you turn me right off. Fuck it they did the exact same thing with the Equality Referendum. The irony is lost on these people, Jesus thought everyone to love one another not turn them away and now they are doing it again based on teachings in the main from a group of men. You see I can see where they are coming from because lets call a spade a spade here. The church is one of the main driving forces  behind this whole No campaign. I am hearing about No to abortion referenda since I was a kid in church. Be that inside the church via the weekly sermon, having speakers in to tell the congregation and 11 year old me why women who seek an abortion are committing the worse of sins imaginable. Similarly outside the church itself there would be numerous collections for pro life groups. This is the day they have been waiting for and collecting money for so they can ram raid everyone in to voting No or turning people off altogether. In fact on the lamp posts outside the church I am from in Limerick they have their posters right beside the main voting centre for the area which is surely in violation of something. Yet again it is deliciously ironic that people will be voting in the Catholic girls school on whether we Repeal the 8th or not.

The last time we had referendum on this subject was in 1983 when the church had their stranglehold on this country. Some would say they have since lost that stranglehold but like a boxer in the 10th round they are certainly trying to have a second wind. The last experience I had personally of this rhetoric was when Joanne and myself went to our marriage course in 2014 the first day was grand as it was a Friday evening. Then came the full day on the Saturday which was the hammering home of your marriage serves one purpose and that is pro creation no more no less. Well news fucking flash lads what happens to the couples who cannot have children are they for the scrap heap? 

The Catholic church has blocked a number of changes to society over the past 60 years, here is a snippet of such rejections:

1)Use of tampons because women must suffer a period or do the right thing and get pregnant
2)Use of condoms and contraceptives, see point one.
3)Mother and baby scheme of the 50s. 
4)Divorce - breaks marital bond which means yup you guessed it no babies which means less christenings, less communions and confirmations.
5) Equality referendum - yup again no babies being produced

You must remember I am challenging the Catholic church's teachings not the parishioners as they take direction from their church.  In saying that also there is a lot of religious people and specifically Catholics who fly in the face of the above. Faith and Freedom can co exist for these people and I am specifically one of them people.

You could challenge me to stay I am bitter because we can't have kids. This couldn't be further from the truth, you don't spend a fortune to come out the other side bitter that would only make me and Joanne assholes. It's on the contrary, we still very much hope we can have kids one day. 

No one in their right mind wants to see abortions or the killing of babies but the point is sometimes there is very good reason in early pregnancies whether be it medical or mental causes justify the decision.  Remember I said I was a man that didn't think he should vote, well I should vote because I have the opportunity to show I support the women of this country, they deserve choice this is not the catholic totalitarian state of 1983 it is 2018. Everyone deserves choice, this is what the whole thing is about, choice, if you are pregnant and happy fair play, not one person is forcing you to have an abortion but your friends or family may find themselves in a scenario where they need to seek medical attention rather than forcing them to the UK or Europe as a penance. 

Read up and educate yourselves before the 25th of May, do not let posters sway you, arm yourself with knowledge and legitimate facts then make your decision be that Repeal or No at least you will have made the effort to understand both campaigns. I respect the No campaign I can see they want only the best for this country but they need to look beyond that. This country as it is suffers from many mental health problems we need to make it better if we can not worse by burying our heads in the sand and say "sure it will be grand"

If you have not registered to vote or you may have fallen off the register you should use the site below. You have until May 8th to register to vote Yes or No.

Catholics for choice:

Thank you for reading, if you do not disagree tell me why and be constructive.



  1. First time i have listened to this podcast and I really enjoyed it. I searched for 'repeal the 8th ' podcasts and yours came up. Thanks for recommending 'Ugly Delicious' I am on the Crawfish episode now. great stuff


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