Thank you for reading

Well for quite some time I have been meaning to create an actual website that we can call our own. I have had The Cooks Belly for nearly 8 years in November, nearly as long as I have known Joanne. Joanne originally encouraged me to start the blog so we could talk about restaurants and it evolved so much over 8 years. I started out a 26 year old guy living in a brand new city having met my first proper girlfriend in Joanne to where we are now. Restaurant reviews, recipes, the Great Irish Bake off, to talking about fertility and our IVF struggle. It is goodbye to The Cooks Belly, a chapter closes on a period of our life, filled with so much fun, adventure and self discovery. 
We now have our new virtual home (because a physical home is still a long way off), Will and Joanne, Dekorte and Constantine, I missed a trick there, the podcast should have been called Dekorte & Constantine or vice versa. I know I have wanted to write more but I didn't feel it suited the old place anymore so I kept putting it off. Now both of us have no excuse anymore to write till our hearts are content. The podcast is our bread and butter, it has been so good for us over this past year and a half. I suggested to Joanne we try it for the fun, I thought it would have lasted maybe a couple of shows but it has been become so much more than that. It was started when we were both very down, I will speak for myself on this but it really helped me take my mind off of our struggles with trying to have kids. It may seem only like 1 hour a week we chat on a podcast but it is much more than that.
It has allowed to talk about what goes on in our heads,  the highs and lows of our lives and life together, stress, depression, grief, and happiness. Most importantly we have had our family join us on the show, if there is anything I love more is hoarding things that mean something to me. The podcast has allowed me to hoard Joanne's and my family's voices and thoughts, it is worth more than anything in this life to have these moments. 
The purpose of the new website is to allow us to hoard all our work in to one place, our thoughts in textual form, podcasts and our photographs. Our thoughts will be in article form and will expand on certain subjects from the podcasts or again may assist the podcast. Joanne will be writing about all her passions and hobbies, I may even chuck in a recipe every now and then. We do the podcast for us, we do all of this for us and we let you look on inside behind the magic door just like on Bosco. 
Thank you for reading my stuff here over the years, but now it's time to wrap up the show here and close the door.